The joke's on you you tweenage muppet fucks. I bet you thought liak you had the old Hatter beat -slap- Wrong! I bet all you pamper wearing diaper fucks thought could forget about the Hatter. Pathetic. Fact is you Hatter addicts can't get enough of me, but now things are different. Now I'm the one with all the IP's, kids. From now on I'm calling the shots! Consider yourselves BlackBoxed! Penned in by my magnificent plot. It took a while. It was very tricky since you banned my ip range but after consulting the Hatter Hacking team we secured a proxy ip and began teh long process of translating your password hashes through a special flash app that I coded. For a nominal donation Backwater Productions will share this application with you if you are interested.

Anyway it took time but I through decoding teh hashes on your shoddy database we were able to hijack Venetia's account and through it take over this sunday school for tweenage diaper fucks. That's right kids teh Hatter is your daddy now. -smack- How does that taste? Would you liak some seconds -Slap- Ha! That's right kids. Nothing you can do about this. But it gets better. You see Venetia was a bit of a whore. That's right she had more than a few flings according to her inbox and was sharing racy photos with Mega Lenin for what looks liak a few months. Real tasty ones liak these:

I hope you liak teh little changes i made with those. Pretty soon those will be all over 4chan and all teh little seventh grade kiddies will spread them around liak a virus. As we speak teh Hatter team is making copies of teh edited photos to email to Venetia's boss at Bank of America and teh street squad is going to post hundreds of these all over her hometown in Tampa. This is what happens when you mess with teh Hatter kids. Another .Netdead corpse in teh Hatter's wake.

I'm sure right now you want to take a swing at Hatter for taking away your little middle school circle jerk. Go ahead and take it right here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=63482

Anyway teh new index is under construction and when I am done will be completely remade with flash. However, I think this arrangement makes for a more enjoyable browsing experience.




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