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RPG Maker XP

RPG Maker XP

Download Link: http://tkool.jp/products/rpgxp/eng/download.html
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Producer: Enterbrain
Price: $60 (30-day trial available)

Arguably the most successful English RPG Maker, this is an upgrade from RM2k3 which features greater colour support, larger resolution, and a scripting basis. Anything is changeable through scripting, which is in the Ruby programming language.


System Requirements

* Microsoft® Windows® 98/98SE/Me/XP/2000
* PC with 800MHz Intel® Pentium® III equivalent or higher processor
* At least 128 MB of system RAM
* 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode
* DirectSound-compatible sound card
* At least 100 MB of available hard disk space

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