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Welcome to HBGames, the indie game development community anybody can join. Ever wanted to make your own video games? We're here to get you started. Want to play games made by people like you? We have plenty to offer. We provide support for all game engines, including RPG Maker MV, Construct 2, Unity or Game Maker Studio.

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Half Kaizer Construction Project

Help us create an RPG Maker MV compatible resource pack usable in any game engine.

Afar hosted files

Hi guys,

Just so you know, I am taking my personal web server down to do some maintenance. It will all be back up soon.

Nowt to do with HBGames persay, but some files I host on there such as the eZines and other titbits may be there, so if you can't access those rest assured they'll...


Lockdown & Isolation

Hi guys!

I don't know if you know what is going on in the world at the moment (not as if it's thrown in our faces every 2 minutes), but the whole thing's about to go kaput.

I'm gonna be stuck at home potentially until September, for one. Paid for some of it.

I just wanna...


Data Protection and You

You may have heard about GDPR.

Here is a guide: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/gu ... tion-gdpr/

As a website we have responsibilities for the data we keep. While we never request your personal information bar your e-mail address, you can enter your contact details and other information. We also store the IP address which you post messages...


Development Blogs

Immortal Sins by AceOfAces
Statless Combat by Ellie
Immortal Sins by AceOfAces
The Changing World by Ellie
Cursors by Ellie


Lucid Awakening 2 on Steam by coyotecraft
Born Under the Rain Review by BeeAr by BeeAr
quotSunken Spirequot Review by Sated
Ghost Shards Inquisitor Review by BeeAr by BeeAr
Reviews by Ellie




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Extending RPG Maker

Learn Javascript





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Welcome to HBGames. We are an indie game development community specialising in role playing games. Want to share your projects with us? Want to learn the basics of creating your own games? Or just want to chat? Registration is quick and simple, feel free to join!

We are an independent, not-for-profit game making community.
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