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So you want to support us?

If you've found this page, it means that you're interested in donating to support hbgames.org.

Sounds Great!

hbgames.org is a fairly large and active forum, and with an interactive main website on the way, we're bound to only grow larger. Unfortunately, webspace isn't free. While the management does pay for the site's hosting out of our own pockets (which isn't easy), contributions from the members can go a long way towards helping ensure stable uptime for the forums. In addition, your support makes it possible for hbgames.org to hold official contests with actual prizes (such as gift certificates for online vendors).

Donations can be made in any denomonation and are very much appreciated. As an incentive, for a donation of $15 US or more you will be promoted to the rank of .Sponsor.. Or for just $10 US you are entitled to a private subforum, you can then donate another $5 in the future and become a sponsor.
Donations are cummulative. i.e. if you donate $5, then later donate $10 you qualify for a sponsorship.
In addition, members who wish to donate additional money will be able to transfer sponsorships or subforums to other members' accounts. In other words, you're not limited to donating just $15. We'll give sponsorships to your friends as well!

Sponsorship ($15)

What are the benefits of being a sponsor? For one, sponsors are recognized by a special badge under their avatars- you have probably seen them on the forums. Sponsors also have the following features* enabled to their accounts, as a "thank you" from the hbgames.org management:

  • Custom Member Badges
  • Unlimited PM inbox size
  • Ability to delete your own posts and lock your own topics
  • Ability to log into the forum as "hidden"
  • Ability to change your forum name

Private Sub-Forums (NOW Free with a sponsorship!)

At the bottom of the forum listing on the main Forum page is a section titled "Private Subforums". These are private, password protected forums that members can use for projects, special interest groups, or pretty much anything you want. You create a password & give it to only those you wish to have access. The General Forum Rules still "generally" apply, although the rules on content are slightly relaxed.

Cut to the chase! Let's do it!

It's easy! Just click the donate button above. Please include your HBGames username in the message section when you donate so we know who you are.

All you have to do is send your donation over to hbgames.org's paypal account. If you're making a donation of over $15, send a message to Brewmeister to enjoy the perks of a recognized hbgames.org sponsorship account.

*To have a customized badge, send a private message to an administrator or global moderator on the forums. Include your image. It must be a maximum 125x16 pixels and either a PNG or a GIF.

We are an independent, not-for-profit game making community.
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