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  Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:23 am

L1 Slime
-pixel art--
Maker: (I don't understand that this means, someone explain?)
Type of resource requested (charset, tileset, portrait, etc...): Character sets, with paperdolling
Sprite template being used(if graphical resource): There's no template. :(
Tile size in pixels(if nonstandard): 32 x 32 (not sure if nonstandard, mentioned it anyway)
Describe what it is you want here (go into as much detail as you want, but more is always better, and reference pictures work WONDERS): Two genders, 3 body types (six sprites total, child, regular, older), and maybe 4-5 outfits and hair styles for each sprite. Silver plans to employ a paperdolling system.
Any other comments: See below.

Hello, everyone! My name is Planeswalker, and I'm a really good buddy of Silver's over at PokeStory (http://pokestory.tm14.net/, I hope it's okay to link! >.<) and he's developed this engine from scratch (in C#) to use for a Pokemon MMORPG. He's been really ambition about this. Silver's been working on the project for two years now and has a lot to show for it! He's almost ready to release a beta but the only thing holding him back is content and sprites. He claims to have people helping him with content but is starved for pixel artists. He wanted me to highlight some features.

He plans on making a main game, but he's working on a small beta game world to demonstrate his engine while the main game is being developed. In this beta game (an attempt to gain support and a following) he plans to have the following:

- Fully custom world, nothing borrowed from Nintendo in world design.
- 60-70% complete battle system (he has a lot of the basics done, he wants to implement a lot of the stuff while the beta is going on, idk...)
- 100% custom gym battles, and an elite 4
- PC Boxes, Bank, Inventory System, Item System
- Battles versus other players, NPCs, and wild Pokemon
- Capture Pokemon!
- Pokemon can gain levels, learn moves, and evolve
- All Pokemon from generation 1 to 6 are included! Moves, too! (No megas or forms, though)
- A quest system with a somewhat engaging story and unique individuals
- In addition to the fully custom game world, it is also rather large...
- And a whole bunch of other stuff to make the game feel more like an MMO with Pokemon elements.

He also wanted me to link these pictures. Visible stuff that you can see as progress. The pictures don't do the ~50k lines of code he's poured into the project to make this really rock solid.

Content Hidden

As you can tell, he's been working really REALLY hard to make this game come to life. And when he's done with this game, he wants to make a few more games using the same engine, and eventually if he can polish the engine enough he'd start letting other people use it! :)

I just wanted to help out by getting his project recognized. It's really awesome! Please go check it out! He can answer any questions you have better than I can on the forums, where he's always lurking. :)

tl;dr: pokemon mmo that's actually good and REALLY needs pixel artists. Go check it out! :D

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    rey meustrus
  Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:48 pm
Master of Dark Magic
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Party Mascot
Well this DOES look cool. I'd say those are 16x16 tiles though, not 32x32. And you're right, he does need (pixel) artists. I'd hate to see this thing shut down by Nintendo though, so what would be REALLY nice is if the whole game design were divorced from Pokemon. All new monsters, all new moves, tilesets that aren't straight rips, and an underlying system that's tweaked enough that it plays a little differently and contributes something unique. For an MMO I'd especially like to see it much easier for a player to obtain optimal Pokemon (AP, special traits, and egg moves). Or at least not based solely on random grinding.

I'll bet you could get a lot of artists involved if you advertised on Deviantart or somewhere asking people for NEW pokemon designs, front and back facing for battle. Let all the creative types come up with something new based on the existing art style (specify which generation it should match) and you could come up with a lot of really cool ideas with art. If you had a bunch of these I'm sure a pixel artist could have a lot of fun turning them into map sprites as necessary, especially with the highly saturated heavily outlined style and the relatively small 16px wide sprite size in the maps above.


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  Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:26 pm

L1 Slime
Well, I goofed. The tiles are 16 x 16, but he uses 32 x 32 character sprites. Sorry for the misconception.

And he's set in his way. I agree with you about big bad Nintendo shutting him down potentially, but he really wants to do Pokemon. And he says even if Nintendo does shut him down, he still has a game engine he can use for other projects.

But I'll try dA, then. I appreciate the advice! Honestly, I should just make him do all this, but he's busy and I agreed to do it haha.

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  Fri Apr 24, 2015 3:50 pm
very undead
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I also second separating from Pokemon - I actually think I'd prefer to see some sort of innovation rather than just another Pokemon fangame game.
Also, PokeMMO.

From this topic, I assumed you were just after the trainer overworld sprites. If that's not the case, then I think you'll have a big journey ahead of you :sad:
Best of luck though - I'll give it a play once it's released.


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  Fri Apr 24, 2015 7:10 pm

L1 Slime
Well, that call isn't up to me, lol.

PokeMMO isn't very good imo, but that's me.

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