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  Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:40 pm
Like a Rollin'Stone
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Do you remember Comix Zone?
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I'm not looking for particular sprites, just for as many games as possible that follow this Comic book style.
I'm working on a point'n'click adventure game for Android, based on an Italian comic book and i don't know which direction to take for the backgrounds, i thought that something like Comix Zone may work, but I would like to see other games that use a similar style.
Sam&Max, Day of the tentacle, they all use bright colors but i think it may be hard to work several background like these, they're no easy task, the resolution should be about 320 to 480 pxl of width in widescreen, so i will have to do lots of work with the pixelart to refine as much as possible the graphic, i need something that justify some rough resources.

Image A YumeNo-Soft Production
Come and visit the TOPIC of the project - the Epick War between '*ANGELS&DEMONS*' has Arrived at the Top
Image 4B *2* - 5B *4* - 6B *4* - FS *6* It use to be so...
Image Italian version [100% Mission]-[Story x 2 Hard]
Image [100% Completed x 3]
Image [# 31]

-=[ FenriX` ]Image

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