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    Kain Nobel
  Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:32 pm
No Rest for the Wicked!
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States : Critical Condition
Version: 3.5
By: Kain Nobel


With this system, you can control states that should be added or removed automatically when an actor or enemy reaches 1/4 HP. A basic example would be; when [Battler]'s HP is critical, give [Battler] this [State].

To put it in more lamens terms, lets say Basil has reached HP critical (his health is yellow instead of white), you can set the script to automatically give him something like "Str+" state, or something else like "Fatiqued" state. It us up to your imagination what kind of states you want to give actors or enemies when they're in critical condition, and you can specify multiple status ailments to add or remove if you'd like.

Another thing to note, states added through critical condition are handled special from states added through otherwise normal means. In other words, if [Battler] gets [State] through HP critical and not normal means, the state won't be removable until his HP is back to normal again since it was added under this circumstance. The only exception to this is if state is supposed to be removed when battle ends (and you've set RemoveStatesBattle true).

Lastly, yes this does comply with stats that are supposed to be removed after X turns and all that jazz, but the states will still remain until after HP is back to normal again. Basically, only when HP is critical will these states be un-removable, otherwise if your HP isn't critical they're now removable by thier natural means.


  • You can set states to add to battlers when their HP is critical
  • You can also set states to remove when HP is critical
  • "Critical condition" states can't be removed while HP is still critical


States : Critical Condition


Place Above Main (Below SDK if Using)


Example syntax is already shown in the setup section of the script, but for the sanity of those that might be confused by this feel free to read the following if you're confused. Please note that all the examples are generic examples from the XP/VX default databases. Also, please note that the settings for Actor and Enemy follow the same exact concept.

If you get too confused, please feel free to ask questions and I'll help you out the best I can.

Adding single state to plus set

Adding single state to minus set

Handling multiple states


Should be compatible with anything, works with or without SDK; didn't test VX but I believe it should work too, thats why I'm putting an XP/VX tag on it. I don't have VX on this machine though, so if you have any problems with the VX version let me know and I'll port it over to my other computer and fix it up.

This script aliases the following methods...

Author's Notes

It took longer to comment the script and write this topic than to write the actual script itself, so I would like some questions, comments or bug reports if you happen to be checking it out, I'm pretty sure that I got it down pretty good though =P

Terms and Conditions

Another "Free to use in commercial and non-commercial games" thingy, please credit and stuff :thumb:

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    Kain Nobel
  Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:38 am
No Rest for the Wicked!
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Fixed small bug with state turns, replace what you have with this version (you don't have to, its not a big deal). Basically, if actor's HP is modified and no longer critical it'll remove 'critical states' which are supposed to wait X turns.

Feedback 'n stuff would be nice =P

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    XP Learner
  Fri Sep 18, 2009 7:56 pm
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Wait this can be very useful for positive skills that kick in when your in a critical state. Wait would this be possible if an accessory of passive skill that would grant this state when your in critical condition.

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