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  Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:05 pm
A scripter of talent
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Location: Somewhere out there in a place unseen.
Mouse Window API
Authors: Ryex
Version: 2.0
Type: Scripter API for the creation of mouse controllable windows


I developed this as part of Remexos, however I decided that it was too good to deprive the community of, as such I asked for permission to release the API to the public. it is the first public script of it's kind so PLEASE credit me if you use it


  • Drag-able windows
  • scrollable windows contents
  • Check box control
  • List box control
  • Button control
  • IconBox control
  • IconBox List control
  • Right Click Windows
  • hover functionality
  • data dragging
  • put an icon under the mouse when dragging data
  • all controls can be disabled
  • a window controller that handles all input and allows for easy window updating
  • a control call back system that allows a button to call a method in any currently class when clicked
  • the project comes with two sample windows featuring all the features and a sample scene that replaces the title screen to so how the API works
  • it is simple to create more controls than the ones provides in the mouse window system
  • it would be simple to add a skinning system to the API windows instead of the default black and white
  • the API is full commented




.7z archive - can be opened with the free, open source program [url="http://www.7-zip.org/"]7-zip[/url]


contains only .txt files of the script's parts. [color="red"]full dependencies not included, see demo for all required scripts[/color]


See Demo Project


This API Requires Blizzard's Mouse Controller and either Custom Controls from Tons of Add-ons, Blizz-ABS or RMX-OS.
It may work with another mouse system out of the box but it might take some editing of the two systems.

Credits and Thanks

  • Ryex
  • G_G, for the template of the Check box control, saved me a few hours of work

Author's Notes

This was developed as part of Remexos, please support the project. Any bugs or questions? Ask here.

NOTE: I (the author) do NOT provide support in this thread. I simply don't visit this forum often enough. another scripter may be able to offer help but if you need support from me please go here

Time: if it was truly linear I wouldn't be here and the world would be knee deep in ashes.

RPG Maker PY (RMPY) A Replacement RMXP Editor

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    Juan J. Sánchez
  Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:16 pm
I'm a doctor in Costa Rica.
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Party Mascot

Location: Costa Rica
One word, man: awesome. I don't think it's anyway compatible with my game, but if I never need a Mouse API, I'll use yours. By the way, I think this would go great with Behemoth's Raycasting Script. This way, you could have a pseudo 3D First Person Shooter, such as Doom, or Wolfenstein.

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  Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:08 pm
A scripter of talent
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Location: Somewhere out there in a place unseen.
I take it you tried out the demo? :P

by compatible you meant style right? it just wouldn't fit to have a mouse system?
I totally understand, the mouse doesn't always work with the feel your going for.

by in terms of scripts it will work with anything.

Time: if it was truly linear I wouldn't be here and the world would be knee deep in ashes.

RPG Maker PY (RMPY) A Replacement RMXP Editor

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  Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:42 am

Incredible script. This makes a lot of my improvements to rpgmaker interface useless, well not at 100% because my system has in mind using the joypad...

I will be using the api anyway.

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  Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:57 am
The Third Man
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Location: Germany
Oh look, an actually interesting script in Script Submission forums... it must be Christmas!
Well, main reason it's interesting is that I used to work on something similar for RMXP, and I'm currently spending a few minutes each year (T_T) on a window framework for Gosu... anyway.

Basically, I like what you got there... more functionality is always welcome, I guess. You Illustrate the features nicely, and you got some neat functionality really. I especially like the checkbox-activated button, which I know isn't the easiest to do (however it's not as hard for RMXP than it is when you - like me - want to control it through text only, I'm afraid :down: ).
What I don't like as much is that it seems to lack perfectionism really... most noticeably, your scrollbar doesn't behave like a OS scrollbar, as in when you move the cursor out of the clickable area while dragging, you'll get some funny results. Those are problems I've seen during the development of my scripts, and it's actually quite easy to come by if you figure out the right method to do it...

Overall, I like what you did there, though 'v2.0' isn't exactly what quite fits it, I think. I hope the generally good feedback will encourage you to improve this. ;)

As for your way of submitting it... this is one of the scripts where visual feedback doesn't hurt really (especially since you got a graphical representation). Also, I don't really see why you made txt-files downloadable... please use the [rgss] tags next time, because I sure as hell don't feel like wasting my time on mediafire for looking at text :crazy: And actually, posting the requirements of your script underlined, but not actually linking them is - despite being funny - pretty hard on anyone who actually wants to grab these.


If you have a slightly positive memory of my Power Shift contest game,
you might be interested in this development screenshot...
More info about that soon!

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  Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:04 pm

Hi, would it be possible to update the demo with examples of hwo to call clickable windows in events? Thanks :)

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