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  Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:38 am

Class changuing new command
By: gerkrt/gerrtunk


This script adds a new command in battle and menu that functions to switch
classes in menu or battle using skills. It also adds a simple class description
window that is shown in the battle and menu.
You can also configure font, vocabulary, and if you want to show sp or not.


Spanish version, testing in Doble Filo game.


Get a more updated one here: http://usuarios.multimania.es/kisap/english_list.html

Expand to see the code.


Nothing special. Just insert it before main.

Authors notes

All my scripts are in development and im open to suggestions, critics, bugs, etc.

pd: yes, 4 scripts released in one day! i have the record? XDDDDDDDDD

tomorrow two more, im quitting of scripting and im terminating all the scripts that i had started...

im not going to stop programing but releasing updates or new scripts, on now i will be 100% with my projects. Im not translating they to spanish anymore, also...(bfff...)

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