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  Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:04 am
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Grid Item Menu System
Version 1
By: EmuMaster2002 (If you choose to credit, please credit as Eathanu)

This is a relatively simple little item menu system that is the first script I've made basically on my own. Basically, instead of the item name being shown in the menu itself, it's in the description box, and the body of the menu is a grid of icons with little numbers beside them, like in a lot of Western RPGs and various MMORPGs (in my case directly inspired by Morrowind and to a lesser extent Neverwinter Nights 2). It's fairly minimalistic as far as editing goes, with only one or two small changes to Scene_Item itself, but a rewrite of Window_Help under a different name for compatibility reasons and a lot of changes to Window_Item. It's nothing hugely spectacular, but I've not seen any item menus like this before as far as I can remember.

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I didn't know how to make the help window work the same way in battle without breaking things or otherwise needing to rewrite a big important part of Scene_Battle 1, so I left it with just the description. I'm sure you can do it with aliasing, but I have no idea how that stuff works yet.

Expand to see the code.

Just paste above main somewhere. You can delete Scene_Item and Window_Item, if you want, but Window_Help is used elsewhere.
I would suggest using descriptive descriptions, rather than what the RTP does, so that picking out items is a little easier in battle.

Should be fairly compatible with anything that doesn't affect the item menu or window.
That said, script offered as-is. If you do have problems, I can almost guarantee I won't know how to solve it.

Credits and Thanks:
MicKo for rewriting the menu system used in my game, which I was able to use to learn the very basics of RGSS.
Ares for giving me a little snippet that helped me debug this thing.

Terms and Conditions:
I don't need to be credited, personally, but you're certainly welcome to.
I have no love for commercial projects. Please don't use anything I make in one.

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    Juan J. Sánchez
  Tue Mar 08, 2011 4:52 am
I'm a doctor in Costa Rica.
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Party Mascot

Location: Costa Rica
This is a really interesting idea. Currently, I can see no use for it in my game, but I will definitely keep it in mind.

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  Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:52 pm
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hmmm... interesting~~! awesome job emu :thumb:

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