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  Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:00 am

Dragon Soul SystemVersion: 1.0
By: Armor Nick


This script emulates the Dragon Soul system from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Certain characters are 'Dragonborn' who can spend Dragon Souls to unlock special Dragon Shouts. Dragon Souls are gained by defeating certain enemies.

Dragon Souls are shared by the party but are spend on characters.
Creative Uses
  • Straight-up Skyrim Dragon Slaying!
  • Strategic skill management by learning skills based on the whole party.
  • A fairly original system to learn skills


Message after battle



Will do if there is enough want.


The script is divided in 2 parts. This was done because I couldn't add the 'Shouts' command to the main menu without breaking any CMS or other Menu Addon you might have. I suggest taking a look at the differences between your current menu and the menu I posted to see what you have to change.


Scene_Menu additions

To install, just insert the first or both of the scripts in the script editor above main. You should know this by now.

** Unlocking a Shout:

** Adding Souls to the party:

** Testing if we have a certain Shout/Skill:

** To call the Shouts screen:
$scene = Scene_Shouts.new(actor_index)
where: actor_index = the index of the actor in your party

To edit where Scene_Shouts goes when you leave the menu:
Control+F DS_MENU_RETURN in the script and edit the method you find there.
Pre-defined methods for the Main Menu and the Map are available.

Ask away.


Should be compatible with most scripts. Unless, of course, you use a CMS and my menu additions together in which case post a comment and I may possibly tinker something together.

Credits and Thanks

Thanks to Enterbrain for creating RPG Maker VX so I could muck about a bit.

Author's Notes

This is my first script for RPG Maker VX but I'm fairly confident so any critics are welcome.

Feel free to make requests and I may possibly tinker something together. However, I'm doing this for fun and I do have a real job so I'm not making any promises.

These are possible additions I thought of; post if you want one or more of them:
  • A different amount of Souls per enemy (fixed or variable)
  • Switches to get Souls from every enemy and/or be able to give Shouts to every actor
  • A maximum amount of Shouts and/or Souls for the actor and/or party

Terms and Conditions

Code License

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