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  Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:20 pm

Location: Las Vegas
Zelda-Style Map ScrollVersion: 1.0
By: Glaciesflamma


This is something I'm sure has been asked for before, but I hadn't seen anyone produce the script just yet - at least not quite in the way I had hoped for when I started looking around. So I set to work to make it myself.

This Script was possible only thanks to SephirothSpawn's Tilemap Class Rewrite. I Used his script as a base and edited it as needed

This script creates 2D Zelda-Style Map Transitioning. As the Game Player approaches the maps edge, and tries to move off it, the script will load and draw the adjacent map, pan the screen over, and then load the adjacent map completely once done. The only condition of these is that the adjacent edges of the map must be equal in size, and 'lined up' (i.e. if moving left/right, the x coordinates are parallel to each other.)

This is accomplished mostly through the script itself, though the Game Maker will have to make a single event on each map titled "Transfer" that indicates the map ids of the map located in each direction. Leaving a direction out will prevent the transition for attempting to happen.

  • Zelda-Style Map scrolling from one map to another
  • Able to transition to maps with different tilesets
  • Will draw and support events located on new map as transition occurs


Currently, I do not have any screenshots [I feel this would be hard to demonstrate via screenshots anyhow]. However, feel free to check out the script at work in the demo!


Zelda Map Scroll Demo


Tilemap Script

Zelda Scroll Script


1) Create a new Script just above main and paste the Tilemap Script
2) Create a new Script above main but below the Tilemap Script and paste the Zelda Scroll Script
3) On any map you'd like to use it on, create an Event an call it "Transfer". I usually like to put it in the upper left corner, but that isn't required.
4) In the Event, create a comment of "<direction>:<map id>" for each edge you would like to connect to the map.

In this case, <direction> is the direction the $game_player would be heading as he left the current map [Left, Right, Up, Down]
<map id> is the ID of the map you want to connect to.

Make sure there are no spaces.

5) Enjoy!


I will add to this as questions arise


This script is NOT SDK compatible.

That said, it edits a large number of methods and classes, so I'm sure there will be some compatibility issues.

As a note, it completely rewrites the Sprite_Character class. In also rewrites the update method for Game_Map, Game_Player, and Scene_Map completely.

Credits and Thanks

SephirothSpawn for his Tilemap Class

Author's Notes

This is a rough, general version without alot of thrills or extras. That said, it works pretty well.

If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them. However, I don't stop by this board that often, so I would recommend PMing me or emailing me if you have any pressing concerns. Otherwise, I will reply whenever I happen by.

Terms and Conditions

Feel free to use the scripts however you like, so long as credit is given to SephirothSpawn for the Tilemap Class and myself for the rest. However, please do not post this anywhere else without my permission. Thanks!

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  Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:44 pm
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Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I've already seen this kind of script before. But you didn't copy, that's what matters.
Very useful script, mainly for Zelda lovers / projects. (:

Good work!

Expand to see the code.


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  Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:39 am
The Third Man
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Location: Germany
I've seen a few of these as well... iirc, one of them was from Yeyinde, but that's really all I remember... can't really comment on the script itself, as my smartphone won't display more than the first 18 lines, but I'll try to remember to tomorrow.

That aside, I really prefer this kind of transition to the generic teleportation, so I think people without Zelda projects should take a look as well.


If you have a slightly positive memory of my Power Shift contest game,
you might be interested in this development screenshot...
More info about that soon!

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