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  Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:31 am

L1 Slime
Proximity/Block Self Switch Activation Version: 1
By: Creative_AUG


I don't know if people still use RPG Maker XP, but I'm posting this script because I was doing a passion project (honestly the reason why the script is sloppy) and thought this script might be useful to anyone still using the program.

This script basically allows you to turn on self switches of any event within a specified radius or block through another event's script call. I originally created this script to increase the collision size of an event. For example: Imagine a two tile hallway. placing an invisible, secondary event next to a primary so that you can't walk passed the primary event without triggering it. This allows you to cut down on usage of the ingame switches.

I've since added a lot of add-ons (see feature list) to the script to serve my own purposes, which allows this script to be very versatile and useful for creating more complex puzzles and dungeons. I'm excited to post this and maybe get feedback on how to make it better and excited to see if it can be used in other people's projects in ways I can't imagine.

  • Turn off or on Event Self-Switches within a given proximity(radius) of an event.
  • Turn off or on Event Self-Switches within a given block (x and y values)
  • Protect Events so that their self-switch won't turn on (within the radius given)
  • Or Choose to only affect certain events (within the radius given)


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N/A sorry. I will try to post one if people are interested.




This may be a little complicated. the script call is to be used inside an event Script Call:

Understanding the Script Call:
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How I've used the script call:
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I hope these examples help. I will try to capture screenshots right after I post this.




I don't use the SDK or anything special so I'm not 100% sure if it's compatible within of them. This should just be a simple add-on that should work with anything.

Credits and Thanks

I was studying scripts that were useful in the making of this one. ForeverZer0's Proximity Icons. literally copied and pasted a line from his script. "range = Math.hypot(range_x, range_y).abs" It also taught me how to use the "each" command.

Author's Notes

-Posting Screenshots as soon as I can.

Terms and Conditions

If any puzzle games are made with this script I'd love to play them. That's all.

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  Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:36 pm
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Big Dumb Guy
Don't worry, XP is easily the biggest engine here. :thumb:

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