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  Mon Dec 28, 2015 1:47 am

L1 Slime
Map Specific Variables Version: 1
By: Creative_AUG


Basically this is a simple script that sets a variable up for each map. Depending on which in-game variable you choose to correspond to it, you can manipulate that variable using the event commands. The variable will retain it's value when you switch maps and return but a new map's variable will always be zero.

So simply put, each map will have it's own variable that you can manipulate, allowing you to cut back on usage of the in-game variables and simplifying events and event conditions. The script allows you link maps as well, allowing you to be able to retain values within a certain map group. This is useful if you map a village for example. Events inside the house maps in those villages can respond to the map specific variable and even manipulate it.

  • Allows Map Specific Variables that are unique to the map.
  • Allows you to link maps that you want to share a variable with.
  • Can be manipulated easily through regular in-game variable-based event calls








The first two lines of the script:
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MAP_SPECIFIC_VARIABLE_ID specifies which in-game variables manipulate the map specific ones. In-Game Variable 99 and 100 can be used to manipulate the map specific ones. to add more, simply add a comma, followed by another variable ID number.
LINKED_MAPS specifies the maps that are linked together. Map IDs 10,9 and 3 are linked together and share the same map specific variable. to add more links, be careful to add a separate array. for example:

LINKED_MAPS = [[1,2,3],[4,5],[7,3,4]]

This would indicate that map ID 1,2 & 3 are linked together. Map ID 4 and 5 are linked together and 7, 3 and 4 are linked together. Remember that having 1 map linked with 2 separate groups may cause your game to be buggy. Be careful to use separate variables for maps that are shared like that.




This script completely rewrites the Game_Variables class. Any script that manipulates the class or uses it, may not work.

Credits and Thanks


Author's Notes


Terms and Conditions

Have fun with this. I pray it's helpful.

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