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  Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:57 am
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After helping another member with a bug, I found a few other bugs in this script and some other annoyances. Despite it being over 10 years old I felt compelled to fix it.
This version is without the SDK. I referenced a copy of 4.0 that used the SDK but I didn't notice many changes. A 4.1 version existed at some point but all the links leading to it are dead. I'm not sure what changes Dargor might have made in that version.

Bug fixes:
  • Going to the Gameover screen when "continue when loser" is checked, while multiple teams are on.
  • Battler Graphics disappeared when using the Party Changer in battle to remove members then using it again to add the same character.
  • Opening the party changer in battle would inevitably select the next menu option in the same frame because there was no Input.update
  • The Help Messages were never seen because they were automatically written over.
  • The Member Status didn't immediately update when adding characters, so the Available/In Party status message would be wrong until the player mover the cursor left or right.

  • The current party is preset instead of forcing the player to add the members.
  • Pressing Cancel button will revert to the original party.
  • Changed "Reset" to "Clear" to be less confusing since it just removes all the party members.
  • The cursor jumps to "confirm" once a full party is selected for convenience.
  • Add Help messages that tell the player what the required number of members might be, if any such restrictions exist.
  • Added Sound Effects
  • Hide the cursor box from inactive windows for clarity
  • Disabled the party changer menu while battle testing

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qudlwbcu8 ... .3_mod.zip


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