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  Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:07 pm
venerable inertia
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HBGames.org General Discussion Rules
As of 02/17/2009

When posting in this forum, members are expected to understand and follow the rules and guidelines presented in this topic. This topic will be locked for the sake of cleanliness. If any member has any specific questions regarding any of these rules, feel free to send a private message to myself or any other moderator or administrator.

For the General Forum Rules not listed in this thread, click here.

  • The 1st post must have content!
    Do not post something that is a few words or sentences long. Give people some material to discuss.

  • No Celebrity Gossip, Game Reviews, Movie Reviews.
    No one cares about celebrities, and stuff like games and movies should be discussed in the Video Games or Other Entertainment subforums.

  • Controversial topics should be debated!
    Controversial topics, such as abortion or gay marriage, should be debated in a mature manner.

  • Current Events Should be from a Reputable Source.
    If you're trying to prove a point, posting something from CNN.com is a lot more believable than GregsNewsAndShiz.net.

  • Keep the Spam to Rec Room.
    There is a board called the rec room where you can post nonsense and whatnot. This is not the board for this.

  • Use the Linkdump and Youtube topic.
    General Discussion requires actual discussion. If all you are posting is a link to a funny article, an amusing Youtube video, or anything similar, use the sticky called "Linkdump and Youtube topic".

  • All other forum rules apply.
    If you're not sure your topic is kosher, PM a staff member and run it by them.


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