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  Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:53 pm

L1 Slime
Hi not sure if this is the right sub-board to post but I have been using Dargor's Party Switcher 3.2 since around 2008-2009. It's an old script but its functionality is what made me kept using it across my projects. I have this known issue that the script does not recognise if a game is supposed to continue after losing. I even tested this out on the Demo so script conflict doesn't seem to be the cause. From what I could tell the cause of this is;

If a party is wiped out and the party changer in battle is off, the game goes to a Game Over rather than continuing like it's supposed too. However if I enable the Large Party to fit all my reserved party in battle and/or enable party changer in battle and then proceed to wipe, the game recognises as an event battle that continues after losing. So basically if I have reserved party members being alive during a losing battle event with my selected 4 party being wiped, it doesn't recognise that its supposed to continue and puts me in a Game Over screen.

My project mainly relies on the default RMXP battle system so by default its a party of 4 in battle. The reserved party members are stationed at base by story so I have the battle party changer off by default unless its an event battle that has it enabled. The continued losing battle works if the game recognises 4 or less party member currently in game. Adding any more than 4 would cause the issue listed above. My only work around these scripted lose battle is by making it a 'Survive for X Turn', but I don't want to always have to do that.

I'm using the party changer as a standalone which works perfectly fine without Large Party and Menu Party Changer. Even then as stated the issue is in the demo itself so it isn't due to missing the other functionality from other scripts.

The demo link seems to be dead but that's okay I'll reupload it. This is the version 3.2 (3.3 it says on the script) that was the latest version that doesn't required the SDK.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/ba8c5mbn2 ... er+3.3.rar

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  Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:44 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
Took me a while to see what you were saying. The "continue when loser" works under the condition that all the members are dead.
Since there are reserve party members alive it'll ignore that first block of code and focus on the "ELSE". But the "continue when loser" isn't part that "else" block. The only choice there is to change the party or goto the gameover screen.

All you got to do is copy this selection of code and paste over this other section. This way "continue when loser" is a option even when the current party dies and the party manager is turned off.

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  Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:53 am

L1 Slime
Wow amazing, who would've thought a problem I had for a long time was because of a check that was being missed, I really appreciate the help coyotecraft. If there was some way for me to give you some sort of appreciation akin to reddit Gold then I'd be more than happy too do it. I did some testing with the replacement code and there doesn't seem to be any issue at all so once again thank you!

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