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  Mon Jan 18, 2021 4:36 pm
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My game is fucked, because it relies solely on one function that is used everywhere and that function is now deprecated.

I don't understand how to make it work asynchronously.

Basically my function is Ajax but synchronous:

Expand to see the code.

Such that I can use this function like so:

if (variable from web) == 1, do this
if (variable from web) == true, do that
Set (variable on web) to 7

Now I can do the third asynchronously, that's fine. But the first two require a response immediately, and I don't want or need the game to continue in that time.

For example, game switches is replaced with this function, so when a switch is used I do something like this (but with error handling and such):

Expand to see the code.

conditonal branch: script: {


Now that they're saying is that I have to handle this asynchronously instead. Now that doesn't make sense in the context of a conditonal branch.

Say I have a chest. I want to find out if the chest has been opened, so I ask the server (get_switch(1)). I don't want or need the script to continue processing until the response comes through, because I need the value for the rest of the script to make any kind of sense.

But I can't do this synchronously any more.

I don't even understand how this is supposed to work. I guess the answer is it doesn't?

Isn't this going to kill a lot of online games?

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  Tue Jan 19, 2021 9:30 am
very undead
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Hacky way: load the switch states on map load and poll the server for it every now and then
Proper way: provide callbacks to your jquery ajax calls (ie. success) to continue the code after the call instead, typically done using anonymous functions


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