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  Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:42 am
Support/RGSS Bitch
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HBGames.org RGSS/RGSS2 Support Rules
As of 09/30/2008

To view the General Rules of HBGames.org, please click here.

Please remember that this board's rules are in conjunction with the General Forum Rules.

When posting in this forum, members are expected to understand and follow the rules and guidelines presented in this topic.

RGSS Support is for members who write their own scripts, are learning RGSS, and need help writing, debugging, integrating, combining RGSS Scripts.
This is the "DIY" forum. If you don't know RGSS, and don't want to, please submit your topic in "Script Requests."

Read the - Hows to Ask for Help - topic.
If you follow that topic, 90% of your help topics will be resolved.

Simple Rules:
  • Do not post script requests here.
  • Do not bump topics before 72 hours have passed
  • If you are looking for a script you know exist, use The Lost Scripts
  • Make meaningful topic titles. "Help me" is not acceptable.
  • Use the [ code ][ /code ][ rgss ][ /rgss ] or [ code=rgss ][ /code ] tags (minus the spaces).
  • DO NOT PM MEMBERS or MODS FOR SUPPORT! This is 'rude' unless you have been asked personally to do so.
  • If your topic gets resolved, please post a "Thanks, this is resolved now" or edit your topic title to have "[Resolved]" before the rest of your topic title. Some of us read all topics to provide help, and if you don't tell us what is solved, we will stop reading all the topics.
  • If the error involves another script...
    • Tell us what the script is
    • Post a link to the script. If the script can only be found in the demo, post the script.
    • Post the line the error occurs
    • Post the error message rmxp gives you
    • If you use a lot of scripts, post a demo of your project.
  • Remember one important thing, people are helping you and not getting anything in return. Be polite to them.
  • Not every problem is solvable, or requires more time than someone can give.

I want to review your script!
I am always looking for scripts to look over and offer my advice on people's coding. If you want your script reviewed and to further develop your scripting skills, just put a [Review] tag in your topic. I will always post in any scripting topic marked [Review] offering whatever advice I can give.


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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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