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  Thu Dec 24, 2015 5:14 pm

Straight to the point: I am scripting a pure RGSS-based lighting system, i.e. I'll not invoke any bitmap file outside of the program. The idea is to make a lighting system much more realistic and less laggy than the ones I have found on-line.

I am progressing quite well. The idea is pretty similar to how the standard "weather" option is programmed. It is based on a new viewport, one layer above the characters' viewport (@viewport1), which creates "shadow particles" sprites. Finally, the way the light would be seen by the player is simply the way these "shadow particles" behave dynamically among the update steps.

At finally last, my doubt:
I am constantly being quenched by some kind of sprite limit, that suddently shut the game down whenever the number of sprites raise to a certain level (and really, that does not mean the game is getting laggy, it isn't!). Anyone knows about this limit? How many sprites can't I exceed? Is it viewport related (i.e. would I enlarge this limit by creating more viewports?)? Is there any manner I could enlarge it?

best regards, thanks

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