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  Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:50 am
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Location: In the dimension i was made in.
Big art dump of things I drew.
I made some compo sets of some of my fav drawings I have made.
This expands into the categories of pixel art, hand drawing, cg painting, and touched up hand drawings.

Start with the type have done the most drawing in.
I have been doing pencil and paper drawings forever, This is a compo of a few
of the newer drawings that I thought turned out acceptable.


Here comes The pixel art!
When I started pixel art I drew super terrible eye cancer causing garbage, over about a
year I got better. Since I have just been keeping my skills up with occasional drawings.


Here comes the my cartoon drawings!
This is another set of some of the hand drawn cartoons I made up, This is in pencil
and paper so it's my strong suit.


Here comes the CG paintings!
This is something I have almost no practice in, My weakest drawing skill set is
doing things in photoshop/GIMP starting with a blank page. The one in the topleft
is not supposed to be in this set, It's a hand drawing edited in GIMP and that's that next set...


Here come the edited hand drawings!
This is something I started doing not very long ago, I'm trying to gain skills in using
GIMP to do cg drawings by practicing painting in my hand drawings but I'm still a noob at this.


That's all for now, as time goes on I will try and post more updates.
I have a ton of hand drawings not posted here that are acceptable.
I'm currently working on making a 3d game using ogre3d in c++ so
my drawing pace is down to occasional, but I'm starting to gain skills
in using blender for 3d Model creation.

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