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  Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:33 pm
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Long time ago(2007/2008) i met some people here who blowed my mind with theirs pixels.Guys like Coytecraft,Perilhelion,TheInquisitor and many others inspired me hardly at that time.
How i miss these old days...Anyone besides me miss them too?How i hate to see all those awesome topics with broken links to the images.
So,i really want to ask if anyone has a clue to what happened to ShowKaizer and Kiwinuptuo.I think everybody knows ShowKaizer for his templates,but not so sure about Kiwi.
The first he showed up here was in this tread along with this guy,BloodRage:
They were making some works with a Seiken Densetsu 3 like tree and grass in 32x tiles,with colors wich remebers PSOne Alundra's,i have no pictures of this anymore,how i want the chance to just take a look a these again.
At the time,i found a germany forum i think,where Kiwi and this BloodRage guy (Devex in that forum) used to be more active,i used to follow them on Deviantart,but everything
abot Kiwinuptuo just DESAPEARED from the internet.He published 2 games under the brand "Firefruitforge",and recently i saw a game with his art definetelly.
It's not hard to find some os his art's and tutorials in the internet.
All i wanted it's to follow these guys again,and see what they are doing now in the industry,how their art changed and etc...it's really important to
me,since i'm stduying art in a university now i think it would be nice to see some work who inspired me 10 years ago.
I will left something i found here to see if anyone knows/recognize him.

Kiwinuptuo things i found on Google:
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ShowKaizer compilation i had in my Hd for Years:
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Thank you very much if you read all this!

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  Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:43 am
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Inept Evil Stooge

Location: Washington, DC
Coyote is still around. Perihelion too. (Amy or anyone want to look up when and how often they post?) ShowKaizer resurfaced here as Sal-O-Mac a few years ago, but I haven't seen him recently. I don't know about the others. But one of the other big contributors to the half-Kaizer corpus is Aleesa Tana, who still has a website and a presence on LinkedIn, ArtStation, and DeviantArt.

I too have a great respect for ShowKaizer. I owe a lot to him. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that I'm probably the current biggest user and producer of half-Kaizer sprites.

An older screenshot showing a small variety of the sprites I have. I have probably at least 100 more sprite sheets than what's on display here.
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Combat with some half-Kaizers
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Desert themed half-Kaizer sprites in my 3D world
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Some helmets and weapons I made
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Skeletons with the same template
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I'm glad to meet another Kaizer fan and I'm glad to hear that you're working on your passion at university now.

And if you'd like to work on a half-Kaizer project, I could always use another pixel artist. :biggrin:

Check out Himeko Sutori, the upcoming large-scale tactical JRPG where you lead an army of 100 unique characters

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  Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:19 pm
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Thank you for your reply!
Nice being exactly you answering me,because i found about ShowKaizer being Sal in a topic yourself started!
Do you know something about his actual work?I REALLY wanted to see more of this tileset of him and whatever
he's doing now.

Yes,i saw your game a few years ago and i can tell you're a brave person.It's nice to see a project
using this template and giving all the love it deserves.Also thanks for your compliments.

Since we're here,I think i should look for some 2008 sprites i might have here.

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It's nice to look back and see that you improved,right? XD

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