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  Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:00 am
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Alright, I am making this program that:
    Imports RMXP Save File
    Reads Save File
    Displays text of file in necessary fields
    Checks Items and Switches for correct data
    Exports Save Into New Folder

So, I need to know if someone could please help me out with the code to read the save file in vb.net. :) I am using vb 2010 express in case you need to know. I have tried and tried to read the data, but I have no clue how to.

I know it is possible because I have found this software that reads saves and edits the data inside of them as to mod the RMXP game.

Thanks in advance!


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  Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:06 am
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RMXP data are serialized ruby objects, and the easiest way to read this data is with the methods ruby provides (Marshal.dump and Marshal.load, you can see how they work in RMXP scripts). It would be really painful to implement a serializer for ruby objects with vb.net. However, you can use IronRuby, a ruby implementation for .net framework that can easily interact with vb.net or other .net language.

The basics for ruby to be able to load rmxp data are to define all needed RPG data structure classes, they can be found in the RMXP helpfile. And you will need also to implement the RGSS Table, Color and Tone classes if you load files that save this kind of objects, like actors or animations, check this: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=49838
Then you can load the data like rmxp does, look at Scene_Title where most data is loaded with Marshal.load().

So, you should take a look at IronRuby, and look how to load the data so vb.net can access it and then how to dump it.

Or, you could instead write the program completely in IronRuby, as it can use windows forms like other .net languages do. If you do it this way, take a look at SharpDevelop, a free IDE that supports IronRuby and includes a form designer like the one visual studio has (Visual Studio has some paid extensions for ironruby, but they are paid :(

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