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  Sun Feb 07, 2010 3:11 pm
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Big Dumb Guy

Welcome to http://www.hbgames.org, the new home of rmxp.org, and welcome to another issue of This Week, which miraculously is more popular than our monthly eZine. For those interested you can view all former This Weeks in it's own board here: viewforum.php?f=185

Speaking of the eZine, a new issue has been released:


This month's issue features a guide for naming towns, an article about risks and rewards, and an interview with shadow of http://www.slacked.org.

New Blood

Brackets, ShadowIce, IG-88, Cynder_block, eric_z, Chiaskii, shake2772, iMuffin, Leethewolf, nazi, Vidal, KeTeLe, brahmapudra, Avarius, higgice, Kinger215, outlandish, DringTalk, bizarrestile, zero666, FyJay, dudieezper, Kimicatdemon, skaraflame, CodedAngel, cobo3, Riotsword, Pherione, Markolainen89, Dyssa, jasontamis, Agckuu Coceg, Loraine, kvxdelta, shadowseer, forgotten785, adolso, Delvemerald2, stalker_ninja, forest_wanderer, vampireaven, aaaaaand Duragan.

Yes, that's 42 new members o.O!

Don't forget to welcome our new members - or make an introduction post yourself - in the snazzy Introductions board.

Board Changes

New theme: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=69812

A new board has been added for general game making program support, for things that don't already have a board. Might be Multimediafusion 2, might be just game modding.

Link is here.

We'll see how active it gets before deciding what subforums it needs.

The Symposium has been merged with General Discussion, into this new board. They are both essentially the same now that Rec Room is so popular. Just consider anything serious to go in General Discussion, and anything chilled to go in Rec Room. Symposium topics are still allowed (and very much encouraged!), but it looked bad and was a waste of space to have a board that got one, maybe two, posts a week in taking up so much room.

Articles from the eZines and the mainsite are now duped into a board on the forums just in case nobody reads the mainsite (evil buggers). Find it here.

Completed games this week

A change from previous format, the following completed games have either been released or have been topics of much discussion this week:

Saga Mala Talon

A new game this week, by Crazetek.

View the thread here


I actually hadn't seen this game before and it's had some activity this week. It looks good! Dungeon based (:p) RPG by Phoenix.

View the thread here, it's just had an update.

Vacant Sky

Sailerius is working on Act III of this epic.

It's one of the more popular in the completed games section, be sure to check it out at it's thread here.

I have plans to trawl through the entire completed games section and create a mainsite page for them. Watch this space ~


Next signups are due by February 10th: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=69160

What is the PCP?
The Project Criticism Partnership is a community partnership where members join up in pairs to give constructive criticism to each other's work.

PCP's four noble goals:
  • Increase good traffic in both the Concept Development and Project Discussion forum.
  • Recognize and encourage good constructive criticism practice.
  • Provide members with useful feedback for their projects and concept work.
  • Help people make better games, art and music.

PCP Membership rules:
  • Exchange of feedback must be equivalent. Both members of the partnership must give each other the same amount of critical posts and content
  • Members must refrain from these kinds of spammy posting behaviors while fulfilling their Partnership agreement.
  • Members must give thoughtful and constructive criticism that aids development. If you aren't sure what that means please look at the example posts listed in this post.
  • Major breaches any of these will jeopardize your chances in taking part in future partnerships.

PCP Membership Benefits:
  • Guaranteed good constructive feedback to your thread.
  • Recognition for good constructive criticism.
  • A chance to network and exchange ideas with other game designers.


Commodore Whynot has created a thread about creating games with the Unreal III Engine.

What are you doing in game making at the moment?


What are your opinions on the Tekken series of games? Which is your favourite? Do you button mash, or do you have skills or a strategy to winning better?

Have you ever played Guild Wars, the CORPG? Where did you start your character? Which is your favourite campaign? Are you looking forward to... Guild Wars 2?

Miles wants to know, what is your favourite RPG? Judging by this threads activity we all have some opinions on the matter!

The video games forum is the place to discuss all commercial games. If there isn't a thread you can always create one, or post in an old one. Your first post doesn't need to be detailed if you aim it in such a way as to spur up a discussion! If not then post some info and screenies, it doesn't hurt anything.

General Discussion

Spooky has some problems...

Wyatt thought he'd solved some problems...

Dadevster solved his problems... by spraying them with an invisible, unfeelable, amazingly magical coating. They should call it the Emperor's New Teflon...

Wyatt has a drinking problem...

Emos always have problems...

If the Earth had rings would it cause problems?...



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  Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:13 am
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Yay, I got a mention ^^ although I did spot a problem with this "This Week On", in the general discussion section...

.~*laura S fantastic*~.

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