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  Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:53 pm
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HBGames.org General Forum Rules
As of 10/03/2011

General Forum FAQ - from the software creators
Forum FAQ - from us

    When posting in this forum, members are expected to understand and follow the rules and guidelines presented in this topic. This topic will be locked for the sake of cleanliness. If any member has any specific questions regarding any of these rules, feel free to send a private message to myself or any other moderator or administrator.

    This is the master list of rules that apply to ALL FORUMS AND SUB-FORUMS unless otherwise specified.

    • Don't be a dick
      Most rules are covered by this one. Basically, if you know you shouldn't do something because it would disrupt other users or cause a menace, be it putting flash in signatures or spamming multiple boards with macro images, it's best not to do it. We will warn you beforehand if an action breaks this rule, and ignoring that warning will involve repurcussions, but basically don't be intentionally disruptive even if it is just to prove a point..

    • No Plagiarism
      Do not claim another's work as your own, such as saying you made a Cloud sprite when it was clearly a rip from FF7. This goes for both big companies and members of the board. Likewise do not accuse others of plagiarism without sufficient evidence. Notify a moderator instead. Breaking this rule results in an instant permanent ban. It's also really uncool. You don't want to be uncool, do you?

    • No Illegal Content
      Do not post warez, cracks, etc. or links to sites containing such.
      Do not post any copyrighted work without permission. Breaking this rule results in an instant permanent ban.

    • No Impersonating
      Do not impersonate or try to hack into other member's accounts. Doing so will result in an instant permanent ban.

    • No Flaming
      Do not insult, mimic, attack, threaten, or harass members in a post or in PM. Breaking this rule results in warnings or bans.

    • No Flame-baiting
      Do not anger or antagonize other members to the point of arguments or start any arguments. You will be warned or banned depending on the severity.

    • No Spamming (outside the Rec Room)
      No posting empty content, just emotes (smile faces), just memes (or other 4chan) or other images, repeating, or any other off topic content or any content in an excessive manner outside of the Rec Room. This may result in warns depending on the severity.

    • No Duplicate Accounts
      Do not make more than one account for yourself. This will result in the second being banned and the original warned.

    • No Duplicate Topics
      Do not create more than one topic asking or about the same thing in the same area or other areas of the forum. They will be deleted or locked.

    • Only Double Post to Add Content rvsd 12-11-08
      Double posting is condoned on the forum, but only if you're adding something relevant. Posting just to spam up a thread is unnecessary. You will be warned if you repeatedly break this rule after being reprimanded.

    • Necroposting
      Posting in very old topics is generally ok. Please see this thread for more details: viewtopic.php?p=735940. Please see the no spamming rule however.

    • No Advertising
      Do not create threads to call attention to your website or obsessively mention your game/website in every post you make. You may put advertisement links in your signatures. You will be warned. Advertising bots/accounts are not allowed especially those which copy posts from other places around the net; these will be banned on sight.

    • English Only
      No use of foreign language, engrish, |337 speak or anything else that isn't understandable. Please try to use proper grammar and spelling as best as you can so we can understand you. You may be warned.

    • No Delete/Lock Requests
      Do not request for your topic that you started to be locked or deleted. Topics are for the discussion of all.

    • No Baw Topics
      Do not make topics about specific moderator actions; if you have a problem please PM an admin or Global Moderator.

    • No Backseat Moderating
      Do not try to play moderator or make a public posting saying what they did. That is our job. If you see a problem use the "report to moderator" button in the bottom right hand corner and we will take care of it.

    • No Password Sharing
      One account, one person. Never give out your password to other members. If they use your account because you gave out your password you will be held accountable for their actions.

    Specific Subforum Rules
    Completed Games
    Project Discussion
    ---Concept Development
    Program and Utility Development
    Game Development Discussion
    Beginners Lounge
    General Support FAQ*
    Good Tutorial Guidelines*
    RGSS/RGSS2 Scripts
    ---Script Requests
    ---Script Support
    Pixel Art Analysis
    Frankenstein's Lab
    ---Resource Requests
    Visual Art Analysis
    Music Analysis
    Literary Analysis
    Web Programming and Hardware
    General Discussion
    The Symposium
    The Rec Room

    *Isn't rules; a helpful link

    Accumulation of warns will result in bans. Multiple temporary bans will result in permanent bans.

    Thank you,
    .org Staff

"Of course that's just my opinion. I could be wrong!"


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  Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:56 pm
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lv 99 Balance Wizard

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The BBCode Guide
by Punk

Why are you in here? Did someone link you to this topic or did it just catch your eye and you felt like checking it out for some reason? Well, whatever reason it may be, welcome to the BBCode Topic! I s'pose the main purpose of this topic is to help new members out when it comes to bbcodes. It's also there to draw attention and encourage members to use cool new bbcodes such as imgzoom, thumb and a few others. For the bbcodes listed, I will provide examples on how to use it and how they're used.

Basics (Bold, Italics, Underline and Strikethrough)

Coloring (Text and Background Color)

Font and Font Size

Alignment-related BBCodes (Center, Right, Justify)

URL and Email Linking (URL, Email)

Lists-related BBCodes (List, List= and *)

Image-related BBCodes (IMG, IMGZoom, Thumb)

Code BBCode (without syntax highlighting)

Code BBcode (with syntax highlighting)

Quote BBCode (Quote and Quote=)

Spoiler (Spoiler and Spoiler=)


"Of course that's just my opinion. I could be wrong!"


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updated bbcodes

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    So fist
  Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:57 pm
Has fist, will travel.
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Tech Issues

Q. I have forgotten my username, can you help?

A. Yes we can. Email admin@hbgames.org and provide the email you registered the account by and we can find it that way.

Q. I lost my password, how do I retrieve it?

A. Normally you would click the lost password link to have it emailed to you. But due to problems with our smtp server you will have to instead notify an administrator by emailing admin@hbgames.org to have your password changed.

Q. I don't like my name can I change it?

A. Yes, simply post in the Name Change Request Topic.

Q. I have a technical problem with IRC.

A. Post your problem on the IRC master thread or contact shadow via pm.


Q. What is spamming? I don't get what you guys mean by it. Why can't we do it?

A. Spamming is our shorthand way of saying don't post crappy jokes and empty comments incessantly. This is a discussion board not a chat room. If you want to chat click on chat, in our navbar. That said spamming is a bad habit that makes you look retarded and the makes the community look like shit for tolerating your vapid presence. We enjoy a joke here and there, but make sure you are actually funny and clever in what you do, and make sure that isn't all you do. This is a productive game making community first and a hangout second.

We also consider empty dittos and praise to be spam as well as empty negatives. First its lazy writing and second its a waste of our bandwidth to archive a two word opinion on Chrono cross to the tune of, "LOL AWESOME1!11!:" We also consider generally anything written in l33t or chatspeak to be spam unless its being used effectively for ironic purposes. If you do not understand what that means you shouldn't use l33t or chatspeak in your posts ever, sorry. Remember always that spam at its essence is empty commentary. That includes posting really vague opinions with no reasoning behind them or attempts to explain yourself. This last issue applies in the project and analysis forums. We at the .org do not believe it is enough to tell artists and designers, ":straightthumb: awesome dude!" or "dude your mapping sucks!" We expect people in those forums to explain what they find strong or weak in the pieces discussed in those forums.

Q. What is flaming? I've never heard of that before.

A. Flaming is posting ad hominem attacks (insults) at other users of the forums. Don't do it unless you wish to receive a stern response from the staff. Also keep in mind that your work and your opinion is not you. If someone says your maps are gay and you need more shading because your sprites look shitty and flat they aren't insulting (flaming) you. Likewise goes with opinions. People are allowed to mock or otherwise fisk the reasoning behind your opinions so long as it stays away from sweeping generalizations about anything that encompasses your persona or character. Keep in mind that being flamed is not free license to flame back. Be the mature one and use the report button to get a moderator to handle it. That's why they are there.

Q. What exactly is bawwing?

A. Bawwing is complaining about the community incessantly, often over inane issues. The commonplace example is when someone puts a hastily made sprite and receives criticism that its less than perfect, so the provider of the sprite starts complaining of everyone hating on him. Such habits really annoy people quick around here. It is also against the rules and considered trolling to baw publicly about staff decisions that concern you directly. Posting about your precious locked threads or your unjust warnings is a simple way to earn yet another one. If you feel like you have been unfairly singled out by a staff member or that the wrong call was made handle it by pm'ing an administrator or reporting the post. That is the mature way of handling it.

Q. How do i display a photo/quote a person/do anything in BBcode correctly?

A. All of your questions concerning using BBcode in posts can be answered in the above BBCode Guide.

Q. What is a necropost?

A. Necroposting is posting in a topic whose last reply is more than thirty days old.

Q. What's the big deal about that?

A. Necroposting is generally considered to be alright under a few circumstances. First, it's important that your necropost contains a relevant post and contributes to the discussion. If you necropost in a year-old topic just to add a smiley it's obviously not okay and we will give you a virtual slap on the wrists.

You also shouldn't necropost in a topic about jumping spiders if there's a current topic about arachnids going on already. You won't be punished for it but we will make faces at you when you're not looking.

Q. Double Posting seems frowned on around here. Is it ever okay?

A. In rare circumstances its okay when the second post is truly independent of the first one, and is a substantial chunk of though in its own right. It is also fine to bump your topic in accordance with the request board rules, and to notify users of updates to your topic. In general you shouldn't double post to add little things you forgot to include in the first post. Edit them in instead. This is a housecleaning issue than it is a rule.

Q. I see naughty words is that allowed?

A. Yes. Don't go crazy with it. If you get spammy and utterly gratuitous you will get warned about your behavior. But this is a free thought zone otherwise.


Q. How do I avoid looking like a sad person with a degenerative brain disease who has just discovered the internet?

A. The best thing to do to avoid sticking out is to first familiarize yourself with the global rules and the specific subforum rules in all the boards you wish to be active in. Our community wiki is a good primer to learn about staff, the history of the site and notable users. Otherwise wade in easily and provide GOOD content, and the community will welcome you with open arms.

Q. Is it okay to tell people they are breaking the rules?

A. Generally no. Use the report to moderator button when you see infractions take place. We don't like regular members playing moderators on the forum. It gets flamy and looks like we are a community of snivelling cockgoblins.

Q. Who are those people with the orange usernames and custom badges?

A. Those are sponsors? They donated $15 to the forum and received the benefits listed here.

Q. What do I do to become a sponsor?

A. You donate $15 to the paypal listed here, and contact an administrator that you have done so.

Q. What is IRC?

A. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is the type of chat software we use for the .org's chat channel. You can join the channel through the chat now link in our navbar.

Q. People seem to think I'm an annoying shitstain, how'd that happen?

A. Most commonly people are annoyed by spastic spammy posting habits. Consider your posts for a second. Do you mostly post no more than two to three sentences? Does your contribution to the site consist of purely undescriptive resource requests, inconsiderate demands they be filled, empty dittoes, rule breaking posting habits, unfunny cliched one liner spam posts, and impenetrable grammar and syntax? A combination of these things is generally the reason why as well as being general douchebag about things in the community.

Q. How can I be a hoopy frood?

A. To be someone who is generally respected by the board you merely have to respect the rules, be a decent human being, and most of all provide decent content in your posts. The latter is the best way to get people to respect you. We are a community of game makers first and we want to be around people who are willing to put the time and effort in being better designers and giving and receiving thoughtful responsive criticism. After that all the niceties of your personality are just gravy.

Q. Can I be more like you?

A. Yes! (Really be yourself, though.)

Q. Everybody hates me, can I get a new name/account?

A. Yes, pm an administrator for your clean slate.


Q. I have a website/product/service I'd like to advertise on your site, can we do business?

A. We sure can, you can bid on our two project wonderful ad spaces or you can try making a special arrangement by contacting one of the administrators by email. Keep in mind that we don't do free advertisement and promotionals.

Q. I was kicked/banned from irc. Why was I kicked? Who do I talk to about this?

A. Ops should have left you a kick reason in your kick or kick ban. If they did not contact an administrator and leave the name of the channel op that kick/banned you and we will get to the heart of the matter. Just like moderator decisions on the forum we do not want to see complaints about specific channel op actions that concern you in feedback. Contact an administrator

Q. I have been reminded/scolded by a moderator publicly, does that mean I have a warning?

A. Not necessarily. We encourage mods to give helpful reminders on first time infractions. These reminders are to help you acclimate to the rules and to familiarize how they are interpreted. If you are not sure you received a warning pm the mod an ask if you have been issued an official warning.

Q. I am getting a bunch of warnings what should I do?

A. You should read the global rules and the subforum rules in any boards you seem to be running into trouble. If it isn't clear please ask a moderator to explain to you what you are doing wrong.

Q. How many warnings can I accrue before action is taken on my account, and how long do official warnings last?

A. Three official warnings will lead to action being taken on your account. Any warning is counted against you for at least a month depending on the situation.

Q. This moderator/admin has it out for me!

A. If you sincerely feel that way pm another administrator with your concerns or report the actions. If you go out of your way to bait the staff member in question do not expect a lot of sympathy.

Q. My account has been tempbanned is it a good idea to register another one and just behave before the ban is up.

A. If you want to be permabanned knock yourself off. Ban evasion leads to permanent banning of the offending account.

Q. A member is harassing me via pm and in my threads.

A. Report the offending material to a moderator. We will take care of any rule infractions whether they are via pm or in public forums.

Q. I have a friend who has been permabanned should I contact an administrator on his behalf?

A. We won't hold it against you if you do, but we generally don't overturn permanent bans. To put it bluntly anyone who has genuinely been permanently banned went way out of their way to do something retarded.

Q. I was warned for flaming but someone flamed me first!

A. Pleading self defense is no excuse. If someone flames you we want you to report the post and let staff handle it. Little spats between members makes the community look like shit and if you look easily baitable and you will attract trolls.

Q. I have a non generic problem that isn't covered by this faq!

A. PM an administrator or moderator.

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