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    HBGames.org Staff
  Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:54 pm
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L1 Slime
I'm not one for breaking things down to numbers, but if the contest gets really big, it will likely come down to a photo finish. These are the general criteria we will be using.

This is not a guarantee that these will be the only criteria, as in the case of ties and such more individual thought will be applied, logically.

Effort: 1 to 3 points

How much personal effort you have put into the game. This will be difficult to judge, so showing your working with a project thread or somesuch will help you gain points here.

Creativity: 1 to 3 points

This will be judged on aspects such as your storyline, personal music or graphics, scripting, eventing, and generally anything else that's required your imagination and thought.

Breaking the Box: 1 to 3 points

How far you have extended RPG Maker from it's basics. This can be by complex eventing, scripting, doing fancy effects with graphics or music, etc.

Sheer Amount of Content: 1 to 3 points

The amount of stuff you've made for your game, a criteria that simply puts longer games in a better steading than shorter ones (though, it must be said, simply being longer isn't enough to win you 3 points. Content is both quality and quantity).

Completeness: 1 to 3 points

I mentioned in the contest thread that games should be reasonably complete. You will get points for how well your finish is. This includes things such as your title screen, broken graphics, etc.

Marketing and Project Thread: 1 point

An additional point based on how your game is presented to the forum.

Things you will not get points for

You will not get any additional points for content which is not your own. While you may use properly credited graphics, scripts, music, from other sources, you will only get points for that which you made, or at least edited (for low points) yourself.

You will not get whopping points for making a 500 hour epic, as that's going above and beyond the task at hand making it awkward to judge.

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