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  Tue Mar 11, 2014 5:29 pm
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Big Dumb Guy
Following feedback, the following changes have occurred:

1. The forums have been restructured to give emphasis on the game making elements first, specifically projects.
2. The number of top-level boards has been reduced from 19 to 9 (not counting special events).
3. Feedback is now called Site Discussion, in an effort to get it used more.
4. Some subforums have been hidden from the forum listings to keep them tidy, such as the arcade, which now shows when you click Completed Games but not before.
5. Computer Support has been merged into General Discussion.
6. The entertainment boards and the rec room are now subforums of General Discussion. Forum Games no longer displays on the forum listings.
7. Recruitment has gone, reasoning below.
8. The contest board has been broken up as I said it would following the end of the contest.
9. A lot of redundant links, overhead boards, etc, have been removed, such as on personal forums.
10. The support section has been significantly reduced in height.
11. Programming, music, writing, are now subforums of Artwork and Creativity, a catch all for non-resource work.

In short it's leaner and more easy to navigate. Comments are hugely appreciated and it's not finished yet.

Recruitment has gone. Why?

If you want to recruit for your project, create a project thread, and ask for help inside it. If you don't have enough details to create a project thread, you aren't ready to recruit. You can also use your signature for this purpose.

If you're looking to get commissions for graphical work, post your graphics and in that thread ask for commissions. If you aren't willing to post some free graphics here you can't get commissions here either.

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  Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:57 pm
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Awesome Bro

Generic Townsperson
Yay it seems the discussion going on in my thread actually did something! :thumb:

I like how it's been made smaller, it definitely seems more effective in terms of navigation and stuff, although could I suggest just one eensie thing?

Rename "Introductions" to "Introductions and Goodbyes" or "Hellos and Goodbyes", since the description for the forum says for announcing temporary or permanent absences... just thought it'd make more sense or something, but if not, 'tis completely fine, lol.

This is a block of text that can be added to posts you make. There is a 9999 character limit.

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  Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:52 pm
Ṱ̻̘o҉̸̴̮̬͉o̹̬̰ M̠͍͍͡a̧̺ǹ͍̝y̢̞̮̯ C̳͚͇̻̬͝o̴̡̲̼͕ͅo̶̢̧̠̫̹̳̬̣̭k̶̻̫̯s̴̰͖̭̟̱̯̀͜
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Generic Townsperson
Much better! I enjoy the layout a lot more.

This is a lot simpler and it will accomplish the game goal: Game creation!

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  Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:21 pm
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Big Dumb Guy

Location: UK
I agree with the changes, it has pushed the main content of the site higher up on the page it feels like

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  Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:08 am
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Generic Townsperson

Location: Falmouth
This place is a lot cleaner now!
I'm also glad that rec room is more... Hidden...
Thank you for your work amy!
Now I've just gotta start posting content ;)


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