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  Sun Oct 18, 2015 3:11 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
Now that the homepage has been redesigned, we have some kind-of fixed space on the left hand navigation bar. I want to fill this space with useful links to user projects and other threads.

I hesitate to call them ads, because that implies an external thing where people pay money to get you to visit other sites. This is an internal shindig, for highlighting HBGames things, with internal links only, with no cost.

Basically what I have is space for a couple of 164x400 block images. You can come up with these images or I will.

What you can link to is absolutely anything that begins hbgames.org/ . So anything hosted here.


- Safe for work images only.
- Images should be reasonably descriptive, i.e. not link bait or viral images, if that makes sense.
- HBGames.org links only.
- Limit of one image link per person, however more may be accepted at our discretion of you have multiple Cool Things to promote.
- We reserve the right to remove this service without warning at any time.
- Static images only, no animations.

Who can have a link?

In order to stop people just signing up for a link on the homepage, there are some caveats. You must either:

- Be a HBGames.org sponsor or
- Have 100 posts on the forums or
- Have 50 points (you get points by participating in the game making or art forums)

Please note that being a sponsor is a measure of dedication to the site, not a purchase for this perk. It is not sponsor exclusive, nor do sponsors get any special rules.

How will it work?

Images will rotate, from the stock we have. Irrelevant images will probably be removed, i.e. for contests that have ended. We will also have HBGames ones in there.

What kind of exposure do I get?

Not very much. This is at the bottom left hand side of the homepage, to fill space only. It is a useful spot for highlighting certain topics, but other than that it is not exactly the front page of Reddit.

How do I submit?

Post here, or PM Amy.

You can provide either the full tower banner, images with which to make one, or just a link and some ideas for how it should look.

Will everything be accepted?

No. It is 100% at our discretion and we will only promote Cool Things.



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