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  Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:13 pm
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Location: Bucharest
Hey guys,

Don’t know if you know about Gameleon already or not, but it’s a cloud game creating platform for making HMTL5 MMO’s. More recently, and more interestingly for you guys, we’ve developed a feature that allows you to import World of Warcraft 3d models and use them in your own games!


It’s powerful enough to recreate stuff like Diablo 2 in a browser, with an entirely visual interface. If you want to know more about recreating Diablo 2, read more here: http://www.gameleon.co/platform/cloud-game-editor/prototyping-example-remaking-diablo-2-with-gameleon

But this is not the cool bit I’m trying to get at: we’ve just recently developed GIF support: just drag and drop GIFs into the Skin Editor tool to instantly create isometric animated models and skins to use immediately in your game.

To showcase this feature, we’ve used World of Warcraft as a source of models – and this is where a WoW modding community would probably get excited. You can export, using WoW Model Viewer, animated GIFs of any model in the game and use them directly to make your own games, mockups, mini-games etc. Read more about it here: http://www.gameleon.co/platform/cloud-game-editor/introducing-world-of-warcraft-model-and-gif-importing-in-gameleon


We’d love to hear what you think about this, and Gameleon in general.

Also, we’ve been thinking of implementing a method that directly imports your character from the WoW Armory, for either playing as that character or as a model to use in your own games made with Gameleon. What do you guys think about that?

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  Tue Aug 20, 2013 4:41 am
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Ok this is kickass. WHY ISNT THIS BEING POSTED IN.

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  Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:04 am
butts n booties
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This is really cool, but I would like to hear more about the engine features

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  Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:12 am
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Location: Bucharest
We've already presented you our editor, we've encouraged you to check it out and tell us your opinions,but now it is time for you to play with it!

Gameleon is now live!
The platform already comes with assets and themes built in, so you can start playing with the Editor and creating content right away, exploring it’s built-in content and creating new ones with ease.

We've also implemented a new system: each action in Gameleon is rewarded with points that unlock new and exciting content to make games with.

We’re proud to have received quite a bit of recognition for the innovative ideas behind its power and simplicity, such as the “Innovation in Internet, Mobile and Software Computing Prize” at the Intel Global Challenge 2013 in Berkeley (as well as Best Pitch) or the IXIA Innovation Award in 2012. We’re also proud of our partnerships with Mozilla (through their WebFWD program) and Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus, who have helped us in our efforts to create a better game-making experience.

For those of you who are not up to date with information about Gameleon,here is a quick summary:

Bucharest, Romania - Gameleon, the cloud-based platform for making games, has finally launched! Our game editor is a fast , easy and fun way to create your very own games from scratch and publish them online. It doesn’t require any programming skills or experience on your behalf. Like a Wordpress for games, your work is saved in the cloud so you can make and play games from any device and any place.

With Gameleon you’ll immediately start making your own game world, whichever it may be. Whether a high fantasy sword-and-sorcery adventure or a science fiction exploration game, or a naval warfare game, you’ll find the Editor easy to use and its features intuitive. It’s flexible enough to accommodate a variety of gameplay types, letting you build your own elements like achievements, quests, player races/species, classes, spells and abilities, dungeons, battlegrounds, trading and crafting, live chat - you name it.

Everything is done visually in Gameleon. Its smart interface relies on simple interactions like dragging and dropping, ticking checkboxes or connecting input and output. You create maps by easily shaping polygons, NPC’s and objects are dragged and dropped onto the map and scripting, and AI behavior and spell creation are through a simple event tree.

Gameleon relies on the very latest and best of HTML5 technology. Wide compatibility across a great number of platforms (tablets, laptops, PC’s, Mac’s etc) ensures that the editor and its games will run in any browser from any compatible device. Not only does that make your games accessible to vast number of players, but you’ll never need third party plugins, additional downloads or API’s to create or consume content with Gameleon.

Our technology also removes the concern for storage and distribution. Once your game is created, all you have to do is hit the Publish button and you and thousands others will be playing it within seconds!

The game Editor is a collaborative experience as well - users can trade for assets and increase their creative pool. Also, each action in Gameleon is rewarded with points that unlock new and exciting content to make games with.


twitter: @gameleonmain

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