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    HBGames.org Staff
  Wed Feb 06, 2008 4:33 am
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L1 Slime
Symposium Rules & Guidelines

The Symposium is a place for serious discussion and debate.  It can be hard at times to decide if something should be placed in the Symposium, or in General Discussion, we realize.  So just remember if it's serious enough someone would be willing to argue pointlessly about it, then yes it can easily be a Symposium topic.

For the rules covered in this guide, in the order of which they appear, here is a list:

Symposium Forum Rules
  • There IS NO SUCH THING as the I'm Right Argument
  • On Logic
  • Do Respect Other People's Beliefs
  • There is a Difference Between Flaming and Beliefs
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • What Can You Post/What Can't You Post

General Forum Rules
  • Spamming
  • Necroposting
  • Double Posting/Post Bumping
  • Trolling and/or Flaming
  • Piracy
  • Report Link (and what to and not to report)

Symposium Rules and Notes:
Sources & the "There IS NO SUCH THING as the I'm Right Argument" (Updated 3/28/08)

If you say something is a fact, prove it if you can. Show a source. If you can't find a source, that's fine as long as you present it as your opinion. Saying someone is an idiot for not seeing things the way you do without a convincing argument, including sourced materials, is not going to get you very far. In fact, chances are it will dampen your arguments. Also make sure you read your sources properly. I've made the mistake, as have others, of not doing so and getting bit on the ass for it.
If you represent something as a fact and claim it is backed up by studies or evidence, be prepared to show that evidence. If you cannot or are not willing to show that evidence, be prepared to drop that portion of your argument. This will be enforced by forum moderators to prevent back-and-forth circular arguments.
If you are getting ready to call someone on this, be aware of the can of worms that this will open and don't do it unless it really is questionable. If a fact is widely accepted the burden to disprove it lies on the part of the challenger! Make sure you mean to challenge the evidence itself, and not the argument based on the evidence, as well.

On Logic (new 3/28/08)
You are not expected to have taken a class on logic, philosophy, or debate in order to participate in this forum. However, be prepared to have discussions with people who are knowledgeable in these subjects; if you are called on false logic, it lies on you to prove, using logic, why your logic is not false. If the person calling you out doesn't know what he's talking about this will be easy, so this shouldn't be onerous.
Back-and-forth circular arguments about what is and is not logical will not be tolerated on this forum; the concepts of logical debate are widely known and established. Moderators are encouraged to exercise their powers to put these discussions to an end if they are familiar with formal logic.
Participants who are not comfortable with their knowledge of formal logic are encouraged to get that way before they start arguments about it.

A good primer on simple logical fallacies of the type that will come up often here can be found in Wikipedia's List of Fallacies. Everyone is encouraged to read and refer to it (if anyone has a simpler and better link PM the current forum moderator).

On Attacking Sources (Added 3/29/08)
In the interest of preventing pointless argument, it is not valid to attack someone's supporting arguments based on supposed quality of their sources. This is a logical fallacy. A presented fact, definition, or other third-party quote is not wrong simply because you don't like the source. The largest example here is the Wikipedia argument, wherein someone references Wikipedia and someone else says "Wikipedia isn't always accurate" as if to invalidate the reference. This is not only fallacious, it's obnoxious and does not contribute to the argument. These sorts of attacks will result in a warning. If you want to invalidate referenced information, provide a rational argument as to why the information itself is wrong, not why the source is or may be inaccurate, providing contradicting evidence where necessary.

Do Respect Other People's Beliefs
We don't all pray to the same figure, or even pray to begin with. We are a global forum, whether you like to believe it or not. We, as a collective member base, come from multiple cultures from around the world, have different political theories and practices. We come from different economical backgrounds, we come from different social classes. Taboo to you may be second nature to me, so please be respectful. Your funny beliefs make us laugh just as much as ours make you, but that's no reason for everyone to wipe dirt all over it.

There is a Difference Between Flaming and Beliefs
If someone has a different thought than you on a particular topic, and I can't stress this enough, and they happen to think your way is a bit wrong compared to theres, it doesn't signify they are attacking you. Sure, people will get naturally defensive about their core beliefs. But unless they actually flamed or trolled you, or another, there is nothing wrong there.

Grammar & Spelling
Now, we're not all English professors, and many of us don't speak the language natively, so naturally some give exists, but the Symposium is a mature and serious forum. Quite possibly the most mature and serious forum on .org. As such a certain level of, let's call it professionalism, is warranted. Simply put, do your best to convey your point as clear and proper as humanly possible. Discouraging any argument you may have by typing it so incoherently is only going to get you ignored.

Links, Images, and Media Based Arguments
Some people think it's clever to post a video and walk away, others find it annoying.
Not everyone can view video where they are when viewing this site, and it can cause problems for others. By using a video you are not debating a topic to anyone who'll listen, but only those who simply felt like clicking the url.

On the other hand, using the video as an extra, or as your source if you quoted from it, is perfectly fine. You may have an argument, and feel that a video file could clear in the gaps or enforce it, which is perfectly fine. However do not - and I repeat do not - simply type in a URL and walk away. Before posting, remove all images, links to other sites, or video links, and see if your post is worth posting. If not, revise. If so, the you are in the clear.

What Can You Post/What Can't You Post
The easiest way to answer this is to look around and see what other people post. There is often a case where someone posts what should have been a General Discussion topic in the Symposium, and vice-versa of course. Generally speaking, if there is no real debate to the topic, it is not a Symposium worthy post. While the Symposium doesn't have to include debate topics always, it would be a rare occurrence.

Remember, there used to be a stickied topic for current events. However, current events are no longer required to be posted in the Symposium, and really are often more than not more appropriate in the General Discussion forum. We understand that a current event can easily spark a Symposium topic, however, so just use clear judgements.

General Forum Rules:
No Spamming

As always spam is not tolerated in the entirety of .org's forums. The point of this forum is an intelligent, thoughtful, respectful place for discussion of RMXP and RMVX. Spam for the sake of spam will be deleted, and you may in fact be given a warn.
Spam is of course any post made for the lulz, flaming and trolling, and pretty much any post that does not add to the discussion of threads.

Trolling and Flaming
Neither are tolerated.   Flaming is the act of insulting, while trolling is the act of baiting someone into an argument.   Often a member can make comments that are considered flaming or trolling, and each case would need looking at on their own.   Just keep in mind if you create a reputation for flaming or trolling that warns will be handed out more heavily.
Also.   Don't add to the fire, by counter flaming.   And don't feed the trolls.

Do not provide links to pirate sites, or to sites with links of their own to pirate sites. Not just for the RM series but any pirate sites, this includes movies you intend to use as "arguments". Likewise do not distribute cracked software, keygens, or any other work around of the RM series or other programs. These are blatant and against the rules of .org. We really don't care what you do, but we will not tolerate piracy on .org. Have fun with it if you'd like, just leave it out of our community. You will be warned for such behaviors.

The Report Link is Your Friend
Reporting is anonymous, and no one but staff will ever know you've reported a topic and/or post unless you yourself say so.
The report link can be found at the bottom of every post. It reads "Report to Moderator"

What to report:
Topics in the wrong forum
Excessive spam / excessive double posting, trolling, flaming, piracy, and any other acts that break forum rules
What not to report:
Anything else. Even if you do not like what someone is saying about your favorite rpg element, it is not a reason to report.

And just a friendly neighborhood reminder: Five warns = a temp ban of roughly two weeks.  Multiple temp bans will result in harsher punishments.

The responsibility to abide by these rules is entirely up to you. Other members, mods, and higher staff of hbgames.org are not required to hold your hand. Failure to abide by these rules simply because you "hadn't known" of them is not an excuse. They are clearly stickied, and exist in every section. Please note that some areas have alternately defined rules local to those areas only.

Last edited by ___ on Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:19 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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  Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:03 am

As I'm now the only listed mod for this forum, I'd just like to say: no changes, I stand on everything listed above.  Keep up the great discussion.

N, retired.

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  Tue Feb 26, 2008 3:27 am
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D'oh forgot to update that 2nd post.

Nphyx you do know if you had the need you can edit my posts directly here btw, in case you do decide to come up with any additions to the rules, or decide to change things up a bit.  Likewise you can just delete this thread, and start a new sticky if needed. :thumb:

a message from your friendly neighborhood ex-administrator-man

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  Sat Mar 01, 2008 5:21 am

Meh it's not broken, I don't need to fix it. :)

N, retired.

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  Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:00 am

Okay so in light of a few recent threads I added some clarification and expansion on a few rules.  It wouldn't be fair of me to start acting on them without making you all aware of them first so here you are :)

N, retired.

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  Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:11 pm
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Big Dumb Guy
Rules updated

Mainly just changed the rmxp.org references to hbgames.org.

Removed broken characters caused by forum transition.

Finally, removed the necroposting references. I feel they don't belong in this forum - what would be seen as a "bad necropost" is bad for being spam not for being a necropost. In other words necroing something to say "true story bro" will still get you a warn as the spam rules remain. But necroposting an old topic to continue the debate legitimately? Fine by me.

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