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  Tue May 26, 2009 10:20 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant

  • Last updated: 16th Dec 2010
  • Latest updates: Small corrections; updated broken links.

This topic is for commonly asked questions concerning RMXP/VX. Please check this FAQ before creating a new thread. If you are directed to this FAQ, your answer can be found in this thread.

Everything is anchored, i.e. if you scroll down one post you'll find a table of contents with links to the individual items you're after.

If have have anything you would like to add, PM a moderator with your additions or post it below. Please do not post support questions here!

Authors, Contributors & Sources

Guide to updating the FAQ for moderators

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  Tue May 26, 2009 10:21 pm
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Table of Contents

Other than searching here...

RMXP and RMVX have really good help files. Simply click help > contents to view it. It is a really good place to learn how to use RMXP/VX, and also how to program with RGSS/2 or Ruby. They are well-written and well lain-out. If the help file is missing make sure you are using the official version (it is missing on a lot of cracks).

General Program Information

RPG Maker XP

Message Boxes

More complicated systems

Known errors

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  Tue May 26, 2009 10:30 pm
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General Program Information

What is RMXP? What is RMVX?

RMXP is short for RPG Maker XP, which is a game making tool made by Enterbrain
You can find their english website here: http://www.enterbrain.co.jp/tkool/RPG_XP/eng

RMVX is a newer edition of the same series, RPG Maker VX.

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What is a script?

The term 'script' have many different meanings (cf. Google and Wikipedia). When used in context with RMXP the general meaning is:

"This is a programming term that refers to a set of instructions (a program) that is executed by another program rather than the computer's processor." - (source)

This basically means that a script is being interpreted and not compiled.

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What is RGSS?

RGSS, short Ruby Game Scripting System, is a set of commands written in an interpreted language to automate certain application tasks or a type of computer code than can be directly executed by a program that understands the language in which the script is written. Scripts do not need to be compiled to be executed.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_Game_Scripting_System

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What is the database?

The Database can be found under Tools\Database (F9). You can also get to this by pressing F9.

The Database is the Menu that contains all the game specific settings, such as:

  • what imported tilesets are used for what;
  • what items are in the game, and how they interact with the characters;
  • what monsters are in the game, how they fight, how strong they are, how they look, what groups they travel in;
  • character data such as how they look, what their stats are and how they improve as the char levels.

This is also where you setup common events, and other settings that affect the whole game such as the battle music or the tileset for the menus.

This is also where you set what picture is used for the title screen and game over screen, but this is not where you import graphics, here your just picking which already imported graphic to use.

The Resource Manager is used to import graphics.

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What is "compile game disk"?

It is an option under File in the editor.

It compiles your game into 1 file that you can run on another computer.

If you press it a dialog show appear asking you for an address. For a folder to be more explicit.

This is your output folder where the file will be placed after creation if you accept the dialog. (Click ok)

You have the option to create an encrypted archive.

This means that you can't get access to the game through the editor nor access to your resources when installing the game from the created file.

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What is the RTP?

RTP means Run Time Package. A package required to run a program, often filled with data used by much programs of the same kind.

In terms of RMXP and RMVX, the RTP is a system for reducing the total size of the game disk.

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What are the system requirements for RMXP/VX?

RMXP Minimum Requirements

RMXP Recommended Requirements

RMVX Minimum Requirements

RMVX Recommended Requirements

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  Tue May 26, 2009 10:32 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
Using RPG Maker

Where do I download RMXP/VX?


You can download the free trial from the following sites. It will expire in 30 days, in which case you will need to buy the legal version.


Information and download

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"RGSS102e.dll not found", how do I solve this?

The English version of RMXP can be downloaded at download.com. It's a free trial for 30 days, after which you have to buy it.

If you got this error by playing a game someone else sent you you will need to download this file from someone. Anyone with RMXP will have it.

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How do I move between maps?

Use the Transfer Player event command. For outdoor maps, the usual practice is to map the terrain in such a way as to only have one or two tiles for teleport events (e.g. making cliffs block the rest of the side of the screen). If you would rather not artifically make such narrow paths, you either have to use multiple teleport events (may cause lag) or event scripting.

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How can I make the hero walk through a door?

First, make an event. Set the graphic of the event to a closed door character, and make the trigger Action Key. In the event commands, input this code:
Expand to see the code.

Extra optional steps include giving the player some opacity or closing the door after the player before transfer. These are up to you.

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How do I set graphic transparencies (see-through areas)?

Select Tools | Resource Manager from the main menu. You can also access the Materialbase by the icon between the Script Editor and the Database. This will open the Resource Manager window. Specify the type of resource you will be importing by selecting the corresponding folder name in the left column. Click the Import button and navigate to the resource you will be setting the transparency for. After double clicking on it, a window will pop-up with the graphic displayed. Notice at the bottom there are two buttons. One is labeled "Transparent Color (Set w/ L-click)" and the other is labled "Translucent Color (Set w/ R-click)." Translucency is when the color is partially transparent, meaning it will appear see-through but visible. Go ahead and set the transparency and translucency by left and right clicking on the colors you wish respectively. Click Okay and you're done.

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How many frames are there in a second?

By default there are up to 40 frames per second. This varies per computer, and is changeable with the following script snippet:

Graphics.framerate = x

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How do I permanently erase an event?

- After executing an event, turn a self-switch on.
- Create a new page in the event editor, leave it blank, and set its Condition to the previously designated self-switch.

This will set the event blank after it is finished.

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How can I make a treasure chest?

First, make an event. Set the graphic to one of the closed treasure chest sprites. Under the Options, click the checkbox next to Lock Facing. In the Event Commands, play the Chest sound effect. Next, make a Move Event, and have this event Turn Left, Wait, Turn Right, Wait, Turn Up. Play a sound effect, if desired, and display a Message stating you received an item or money. Do a Change Items/Armor/Weapons, and add one of the things the player should get. Now turn a Self-Switch ON.

Click on New Page, and click the checkbox next to Self Switch in the Conditions. It will be A by default. Put in the graphic of the open chest, and click Direction Fix. Put a message saying "It's Empty" in the event commands, if desired.

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How can my friends play my game without RMXP/VX installed?

a) Your friends must download the RTP.
b) See Brewmeister's tutorial on distributing a game without RTP.

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Is it legal to sell my game?

It is legal to sell your game with either RMXP or RMVX, with any of the default material provided, as long as you own a full license (i.e. you paid the $60 fee).

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Are there built-in limitations on how large my game can be?

Most things are limited to 999.

For example, 999 characters, 999 enemies, 999 maps.

There are rumours that the largest filesize you can have is 128mb. This can be countered somewhat by taking out all music while exporting your game file, and then adding it in once the program's done it's business.

Switches and variables have much higher limitations.

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What is the game screen size and how can I change this?

The default size for RMXP is 640x480 (pixels). This is 20x15 (tiles).

This can be changed using a script; I advise searching the script forums for "resolution."

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What is a switch? What is a variable?

A switch is an object that can be true or false, on or off. Take a light switch, for example: on or off.
A variable is an object that contains a number you can change with events. Imagine a dimmer light switch: it can fluctuate brightness, just like a variable's numbers.

Both are used in eventing for Conditions. For example, when you complete a quest (switch) or open 5 chests (variable), you can use these Conditions to execute another event.

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What are layers and how are they used?

Layers are the multiple levels in which you are to place objects. The first layer is for putting down the ground usually. The second layer is for putting down the rest the objects. What is unique about RPG XP is the third layer, which is basically just the second layer, over the second layer. Then, finally, you have the event layer, where you basically place events.

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How do I set the player's starting position?

Go to the event layer (F8).
Right click on a tile.
Select 'Player's Starting Position' from the drop down menu.

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How do I make an NPC?

Go to the event layer (F8).
Make an event somewhere by either double clicking on a square with the left mouse button, right clicking and selecting New Event... or selecting the square and pressing [Enter]
This will open the event dialog. To the left there is a white field with 'Graphic:' in words just above it.
Double click on this (left mouse button) and select the graphic you want.
When this is done go to the big white field to the right.
Here is all the event commands listed. Select it and insert a new command.
Here you can make the NPC do what you want it to do.
Remember that you can a short pop up message by right-clicking and pressing What's this?
You can also get this by pressing F1. You will get the description on the button you have select.
You can move the selection with the arrow keys.

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How do I make a quest?

There are a bazillion ways to do this. I will try to cook the general concepts down into an example.
If you don't know what a switch is or are unsure of how to use them you should read What is a switch? before continuing.
Phase 1: Activation of the quest
Let's say you talk to this person who gives you the quest. If the quest is given you let the event turn on a switch.
We could use switch 21 - Quest Start and turn it ON. (This could be any switch)
You should make sure that the person does not continue to give the quest. (This is strictly speaking not necessary)
Make a new event page and set as precondition the switch 21 - Quest Start. (Should be the same as the switch you turned ON in the previous page. Remember to set the event graphic)
Here you can set the action for when the Quest is active, but not finished.

Phase 2: Getting the item
Let's say that you could not get the item before.
The event from which you can get the item shall like the event starting the quest have a condition for when the quest start. That is. New page, Precondition set to 21 - Quest Start (2nd page)
Here you should turn another switch to ON. Let it be 22 - Item Gotten. You can make some actions. (Tell the player a story or whatever)
Make a new page (3rd). Set Precondition to 22 - Item Gotten.
Here you can set actions if the player tries to trigger the event again.

Phase 3: Ending the quest
Go back to the event that starts the quest and make a new page (3rd). Set precondition to 22 - Item Gotten.
Here you should tell the player that he or she has completed the quest. Afterwards turn switch 23 - Quest Finished ON. New page (4th). Precondition set to 23 - Quest Finished.
For the item event. New page (4th). Precondition set to 23 - Quest Finished.
Here you can make actions for when the player triggers the events after the quest is completed.

Final notes:

As you might notice a lot of switches are used.
You could actually add an event and then check whether the player has it or not with a Conditional Branch during the quest. This will eliminate the need for the 22 - Item Gotten switch.

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How can I import maps made on another computer?

Copy both projects on 1 computer.
Open both of them.
In the project tree window to the lower left:
Right-click on one of the maps you want to copy and press copy in the dropdown menu.
Now go to the other project and select a map in the tree structure.
Right-click and press paste.
The map will then be copied into the allocated place in the tree structure.
Keep doing this until you have copied all maps over.
Note that the Player's Starting Position is not copied over.
Also note that the map id most probably changes.
This means that you might have to change some events.

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How do I add new resources?

There is an Icon near the little music note, it is the folder with 3 documents (icon). This'll take you to the import/export system.
You can also access the import/export by Tools\Materialbase (F10).
Here you click the Import... button and find the file you want to import.
Here you left click on the color you want transparent.
You can also right-click for a semi-transparent color.
Click OK and you are done.

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  Tue May 26, 2009 10:40 pm
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Message Box Manipulation

How do I show the player's name in a message?

Use \n[0] in place of the player's name.

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How do I show a variable's amount in a message?

Use \v[x], where x is the id number of the variable you wish to display.

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How do I change the font color of message windows?

Use \c[0] where 0 is the number of the color you wish to use.

There are 8 preset colors (i.e. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), though these can be changed through scripting. Scripters: see Window_Base

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How do I show the amount of gold in a message?

\g will show the party's current gold amount.

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I want more from my message system... how?

Search the script forums for "message system", there are various around such as Ccoa's or Dubealex's.

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How do windowskins work?


  • In the top left is the background of the window.
  • In the top right is a border for the window; the 16-pixel-wide border represents the border of the window. The long parts are stretched, not tiled.
  • The yellow oblongs are arrows for showing when there is more of a window to be displayed.
  • The blue box is a background for when the cursor is over an item.
  • The grey boxes represent an animated arrow for when somebody is talking.
  • Finally, the bottom-right two boxes are an animated arrow for in battle.

For a more extensive version of this please see the tutorial here:

Image courtesy of Xilef.

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How do I change the game font?

Place this in the script Main:

Font.default_name = "font name"
Font.default_size = size

Place it before $scene = Scene_Title.new

On a side note, can I do this with a custom font?

The only way is to:

1. Give the font with the game, so that the player can install it themselves
2. Use an auto-font install script (some people dislike this, as it installs fonts that the player may not want).

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  Tue May 26, 2009 10:44 pm
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More Complicated Systems

How do I make things happen when certain conditions are met?

The following example is making a door open when certain conditions are met.

First make a door event (event door), without any commands, than give it a second page with another graphic and make sure that it's only triggered when a certain switch is turned on (switch door for convenience).
Than make a second event (event switch), a button where you can step on, make sure that it has phasing checked on and is being activated by a Parallel Process. Now use variable operation, set (for convenience) variable hero X to sprite player X tile, add a new variable operation command and set variable hero Y to sprite player Y tile. Now do the same with the button (Sprite event).

Conditional Branch if variable Hero X is equal to variable Switch X
Conditional Branch if variable Hero Y is equal to variable Switch Y
Switch operation turn switch door on
Switch operation turn switch door off
Switch operation turn switch door off

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How can I make a "push" event?

This example is pushing a boulder.

Make an event Boulder set to activate on Player Touch or Action Key.
[Put a move event command, with the boulder as the subject, and put "Move away from hero"]

You can combine [this with the above question] simply by changing the player part in the first event, into event boulder Make sure you change every part. Else you won't get it to work.

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How do I create a cutscene?

Create an event, and set the Trigger to Autorun. Within that event, move the other events, the hero, show messages, or do whatever else you want to do for the cut scene. Now do a Self Switch Operation, and turn Self Switch A ON. Make a second page to the event, and have the Condition be that Self Switch A is ON.

If you don't want the hero to be visible (in an opening scene or otherwise), use the command "Change Transparent Flag."

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How do I access "full screen" mode?

Press ALT + ENTER.

If you want your game to do it automatically, use call script to call the following:

Expand to see the code.

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  Tue May 26, 2009 10:52 pm
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Known Errors

Enter hero name isn't working?

If you are using the Postality Knights (i.e. cracked badly) edition then this is why. (i.e. if you absolutely must use cracked software at least use GOOD cracked software)

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Why can I walk through things I shouldn't be able to?

Your problem most likely was that you "erased" with a blank tile. If you have a passable tile on a higher layer than an impassable tile, even if that tile is blank, that square will be passable. The solution is to only delete with the uppermost left tile, or with the select tool and pressing delete. Or not delete at all, just paint over.

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Why doesn't text appear in my game?

Make sure you have entered the name of the font you are using correctly (capitalization, symbols, spacing, etc.) Some fonts appear to simply not work, but most do.

If it is somebody else's game you are playing, it may be that you don't have the font the creator has used.

Check also that you are using an english RGSS dll(RGSS102E.dll/RGSS202E.dll). Otherwise the texts will be in japanese and unseenable.

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Why are there white squares around my characters?

You need to actually import them using the Resource Manager (via "Tools > Resource Manager"), and left click a transparent color. (You can also right click a semi-transparent color here for shadows).

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Does RMXP/VX work in Windows Vista?

Yes. Please see the following topic if you have problems:


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Can I use RMXP/VX on resolutions smaller than 1024x768?

No with a but.

You can change most Netbook screens to use a "non-native resolution". Go to "advanced options" when setting your resolution, there should be a check box for "allow non-native" or "allow non-standard" resolutions, or something along the lines of "allow resolutions this display does not support".

The trouble is this gives you a scrolling screen which some people find annoying.

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Why do I get a syntax error while running a "Call Script" event?

You may have made an error in the syntax from the call script. Please note that every line will be interpreted as a new script, unless you have the fix for this.

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What does "Failed to initialize DirectX Audio" mean?

Just install/reinstall your Sound Card Audio Driver.

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Why doesn't Erase Event work?

Erase Event only clears an event temporarily. Because map states are not saved, when you exit and return to a map it will be loaded with the events in their original positions.

To solve it, simply use switches.
Turn on a switch where you have your Erase Event command. Then make a new, blank page with the switch as a Condition for the new page.
Problems with switches? Look at "What is a switch?"

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What does "Incompatible versions" mean?

It means that you are trying to open a project made with a newer RPG Maker version. For fixing it upgrade your RPG Maker version or open the file Game.rxproj(For RMXP) or Game.rvproj(For RMVX) with notepad and change its contents to "RPGXP 1.00"(For RMXP) or "RPGVP 1.00"(For RMVX), both without the quotes "". Or also you can replace the Game.rxproj/Game.rvproj file with a working one from an empty project.

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Why does the game close after launching?

Open the Game.ini file and try changing the "Library=" field to RGSS102E.dll, RGSS102J.dll or RGSS100J.dll. If it is a VX game try changing it to RGSS202E.dll, RGSS202J.dll, RGSS200E.dll or RGSS200J.dll.

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How do I stop events changing graphic when talking to them?

Click the checkbox that says "Direction Fix" (in the lower-left screen). This prevents a character graphic from turning to face you, a problem with events that contain different graphics in different frames (e.g. a fountain).

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