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  Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:22 am
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L1 Slime
Hello! We made a game collectively on a forum here in France, and I recently made a translation in english.
So now we'd need native english-speaking people to test it and check if all the sentences are correct and fluent in english.
(since the targeted language is rather american english, it'd be great to have testers from the U.S)

Here is some kind of trailer to help you find out what the game looks like, and if it appeals to you or not. It's an old video made when it was still in french, but don't worry everything in the game has been now translated in english. Except for the title that we wanted to keep in french (the title is "La septieme porte", which means "the seventh door") :

- It's on RMXP. It's all graphically custom, and most of the music in the game is from me.
- The project was about making new maps, in turns, from any member of our forum, improvising the story as they please. We managed to complete it 2 years ago.
- It's very scenario-based, with many different gameplays created by the various participants (no script except for the title-screen). Overall it's a kind of thriller (police investigation etc) with some supernatural elements.
- Estimated length : 2 hours depending on your speed, but of course here it is mostly required the testers take their time to analyse the texts & dialogues.
- Since some details may be a little crude in the game, it is not recommended for young audiences.

If you volunteer, please say it below, and I'll send you a pm with the download link.
Don't worry, I think most of the game is already translated in a rather proper english. :boo: But we need people to correct mistakes and make sure it is fluent enough.

EDIT: Alright, I got 5 volunteers in total now (on various forums), I think it will be enough (and already a lot of work for me).
So no need to offer your services anymore. :D


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