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This resource is based on graphics from the RPG Maker XP RTP. It contains extensive edits but may only be used within the RPG Maker series as per the RTP license.


This tileset is a compilation of the RPG Maker XP tilesets, in such a way that no tile is repeated.

Whether this is of use to you depends on the kind of game maker you are. It's put together by me, which means things are where I'd logically put them, which is probably not where you'd logically put them. It also makes no effort to fix errors in the RTP itself, add new things, etc.

I have not tested it entirely (to do so would be difficult!) so consider this an early version.

No credit to myself necessary as this is entirely RPG Maker XP RTP, however, this did take a large amount of time to put together, so please do not post this elsewhere, and if you use it please consider giving a link back to HBGames.org or ARPGMaker.com.

At the end it turned into a load of odd bits I couldn't fit elsewhere (mainly snow bits), I'm not happy with that part. There are also quite a few blank spaces that I couldn't do much about, and others I probably could have done without.

Download: (heavy file) http://afar.ws/hbgames/mastertileset_condensed.png

Author: Amy

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  Fri Jul 11, 2014 11:48 pm
Tilesets are more than just the graphics.

There are times that it is acceptable to repeat graphics, such as tiles that have different priorities, different passage settings, or other flags that can be applied. I always felt that being able to "walk behind" a terrain was kind of neat, but to pull it off efficiently, some graphics need to be repeated and given different priorities so they stack correctly. The pixels may look exactly the same, but if one tile has different settings than another, technically it is a different tile.

Tilesets that are distributed in Image Only format dont include the rest of those settings. Its easy enough for small tilesets, but for Master Tilesets, importing those is a monsterous level of work. When Tilesets are distributed with a Demo that has all those passage settings configured, a user can literally just Copy and Paste all those Tileset settings into their game once the Image has been imported. There are loads of new users who are not aware they can simply Copy and Paste from one games DB to another, and distributing a Tileset in a Demo can teach our new users how to accomplish their own goals in a much easier way.

Of course, this is really up to the Tileset Creator if they want to distribute their Tileset in an Image Only format, or preconfigured in a Demo. Its more work on the Creator, but less on the user. Other advantages for Demo Distribution is that once a Tileset has been configured, if there are any "Special" things about a tileset, for example, priorities enabling "walking behind" terrain, notes can be added to the Image file explaining said "Special" things.

Just my two cents...

My Collection of Art and 100% Compatible Scripts

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