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  Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:37 am
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Hello friends on HBGames! I'm clea leshlick from stellarNull, I'd like to offer you audio..
We are a game developer ourselves, so I really understand the needs and the holes about game audio. Here's what we can do for you:

1.Custom music: A song especially produced/written for you according to specific request. Title screen, Battle, Main Menu, Dialog, Ending credits, anything.

2.Custom sounds: Sounds or noises ranging from UI/button sounds, ingame sounds, background ambience, sharp weapons, explosions, etc.

3.Implementation: Making sure that all the music and sound effect is put on the right place at the right moment, with perfect balance so they blend perfectly with your game.

4.Polishing: Got a raw composition or a melody you'd like to be arranged? There's ingame music you'd want to mix and master? I can.

5.Non exclusive licensing: Minimum audio budget? Don't need custom or exclusive audio? I have quite a collection of stock BGM and SFX that you can use with a light price.

6.Consultation: Don't really understand game audio? You have vision and idea, but somehow confused to execute them? Discuss it with me, I'll be happy to help.

I think that modern video game is standing on 3 legs: game design, graphics, and audio. A great audio, will enable immersion and give players optimal impact. This is also true on RPG genre, where the gameplay tend to be slower and emotionally engaging. I believe that quality audio for games is a worthy cause to pursue, same goes for gameplay and graphics.

Why pick stellar-0?
-STYLE. identity, uniqueness. our audio is not mainstream/ordinary and they will never be.
-QUALITY. passion, experience, equipment, sense and skill which are developed until today, create products with serious quality level.
-CLEAN. a fast, clear, open, straightforward communication and deal.

The cons of stellar-0?
-PRICE. ours is not cheap.
-AVAILABILITY. sometimes we are busy working on our own games, not always available for freelance job, sorry :(
-LOCATION. remote/via internet only.

Music demo reel: http://www.reverbnation.com/stellarNull ... -demo-reel
SFX demo reel: http://www.reverbnation.com/stellarNull ... 9-sfx-reel


PM or reply thread
email null@stellar-0.com
email clea_leshlick@live.com
message or wall to FB https://www.facebook.com/leshlick

Viva game development! Thanks a lot for your attention! (y)


Q:Who's the musician behind?
A:Usually it's only me(clea), but I can hire live performer and other composers if needed. Sometimes lazcht and hipon compose too.

Q:How do I pay you?
A:Paypal lazcht@gmail.com

Q:Do you require up-front payment?
A:Yes, 50% on project start, and the rest 50% after I deliver the final item. Fair enough?

Q:What if I'm not satisfied?
A:I always send step by step progress for feedback, so most of clients are happy with the result. But if you decide for a revision, there will be additional charge depending on how big the revision is.

Q:How long have you worked in audio?
A:Since late 2009.

Q:Gear/Equip list?
A:Samson Media One 5a, Shure SRH840, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, M-Audio Oxygen 61, JTS JS-1T

Q:Virtual Gear?
A:FL Studio11, Sampletank3, Sampletank2, Miroslav Philrharmonik, SonikSynth, Samplemoog, Sampletron, CSR, Amplitube, T-Racks

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