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  Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:09 am
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This little script was made for creating RPGs and making them much much easier to code, this way you do not have to time HOW long
a sprite should move with a grid.

If you're using pixel-movement change the timer in the object to 2, though 4X4 or 8X8 is good.
Chrono Trigger and the Mana games used these grids.

RPG:Move_Sprite(object,direction,# of tiles to move)


The timer for the movement object is timed for a 8X8 grid(snes) so if you need to time for say 32X32 it should be no different in time.
But, each grid has a different time which it needs to be set at.

Please be advised that you'll need to code the actual move sprite object, I gave an example for moving south(down), it's the same process for each direction. Just use the switch function and carry out the motion sets accordingly.

- Rukiri

Expand to see the code.

// obj_move_sprite

Expand to see the code.

Eternia: Salome Dreams [A-RPG]

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