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  Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:43 pm
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How to create a titlescreen / gameover screen

The first thing you need to know is that a title screen, gameover, or anything you'd typically see in an RPG Maker game is little more than a map with some flashy things on it. In other words, all you need to create is a room, and you are done.

Allow me to explain with a few more steps:

Room order

Rooms are always played in the same order unless you specifically add room changing event commands.

In other words, if you just use "next room", your rooms might display as follows:


Creating the title screen

First of all create some button images for your "begin, continue, end" buttons.

Create three sprites with these.

Create an object; call it obj_but_begin

Event: Mouse: Left Click
> Different room > room_level1

Create a second object, call it obj_but_continue

Event: Mouse: Left Click
> load game

Create a third object, call it obj_but_end

Event: Mouse: Left Click
> end game

Get the idea now? Create a room at the top of your room list and call it room_title.

Add the three objects you created above.

To add a "titlescreen" image, create a background called bg_title, and set this as the background of your room.

Game over screens

Define game over screen... it could be anything.

Create a background called bg_gameover.

Create a room called room_gameover, and set the background to bg_gameover.

Create a new object, call this controller_gameover.

Event: Create
> set alarm: alarm0: 100 steps

Event: alarm0
> different room: room_title

To end the game all we do is use the different room event command, any time the player "dies".

What to do with general levels

Keep them as usual but always add them after room_title.

Hopefully this clears things up, and yes, it's rather simple but effective.

A note on save/load

The game save event command saves the game in it's complete and current form. It is usually safe to use.

Use save game anywhere you want to save the game...

And add a load game event to a new button object on the title screen room.

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