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  Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:03 pm
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Rooms and organisation
Tips and tricks

Room order

Rooms are always played in the order they are in the rooms list. This includes room folders (covered later).

The first room should therefore always be your title screen if you opt for one; otherwise make it your first level/map.

A typical layout might be:


Navigating between rooms

A typical controller object might contain:

Event: Step: Step
> CHECK INSTANCES: object_collectable, is equal to 0
> Next room

This controller could then be placed in any level and would leap to the next level when there are no collectable items left (such as a Pacman game). This would then work with the room_end - when room_level3 is completed the game would go to room_end.

Therefore order is important.

You can skip this order using the room changing events:

Restart room: starts this room from the beginning
Different room: lets you choose a room to go to
Next room: next room in the list order
Previous room: previous room in the list order

Room folders

To organise your game you can right click the rooms folder and choose "new folder".

You can therefore arrange your files like so:

folder: easy
folder: medium
folder: hard
folder: special

A further inspection of this might look like so:

folder: easy
- - room_level1
- - room_level2
folder: medium
- - room_level3
- - room_level4
folder: hard
- - room_level5
- - room_level6
folder: special
- - room_menu

From this, by simply using the controller object mentioned above, the ordering start at room_title and then would go from levels 1 through 6 in order, and then to room_end.

If we assume room_end contains a restart game or end game event, then room_menu is safe in it's current position and will only be "played" via a different room event command.

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