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  Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:39 am
Was a Potion
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Location: Falmouth
Find The Fun.
Stories about video game development from those studying and working in the industry.

At the minute I'm trying to develop a podcast in my uni about game development called Find The Fun.
I've just met with a lecturer from the music set of courses at my uni and they are happy for me to use the recording rooms and equipment. I've also got a friend who is happy to help me set up recording and stuff like that.

I'm also thinking of trying to get the business routes from this university on board for some professional branding, but I first need to get a contact in that field. - Which is what I'm kinda up to today. I just need to try and grab someone who I know would be happy to help with that.
I've set up social media for it all too, which is a pain. Facebooks page systems suck balls. Won't even work on my laptop and barely works on my phone. Keep getting errors out the wazoo!
Things are progressing nicely, I've got a lot of support not only from my peers but also from lecturers who love this kind of intercourse collaboration. I'm planning on putting some callouts out pretty soon to get people to interview and I hope to start recording in August/September.

I sent out a form to gauge interest from people. The issue is, a lot of people liked the facebook post or have told me in person about their interest to do it but didn't fill out the form which is frustrating. I was trying to build a mailing list with which I could email people and be like "I can record on these dates, snap em up!" but that probably won't end up happening. I'll probably have to reach out to them.
I also emailed a lecturer from the business routes yesterday afternoon to see if they'd be interested in the idea of doing this as a cross course collaboration type deal but they're on holiday until the 18th so I've got to wait until then for a response. I just need someone to consult with about my logo, social media pages and monetization (if that's a route I wish to go down).

Despite it all, I am glad about the amount of Facebook feedback I got, a few people I don't know liked it and a couple signed up. Even a lecturer signed up which is one thing I was hoping for, so I'm pumped for that! I'm happy about how in a small number of days I've managed to make this more than it ever would have been if I had tried to do it on my own in my bedroom. I didn't ever want to have to do that as I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of other students, lecturers and guest lecturers coming to my home, plus it makes it a bit less appealing to do.
My next steps are probably to start developing a website for it. (I wanted to make my own portfolio website anyway so this'll be good practice.)


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