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  Tue May 31, 2016 2:07 pm
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Big Dumb Guy

Location: UK
I am looking for people with more than one Android device to become alpha-testers for the next project.

Requirements are;
  • Valid Google account that is in use on the Android device
  • ICE CREAM SANDWICH (API 14) at minimum
  • Wifi direct support (Most API 14+ mobile devices have this)
  • An internet connection on the device

This test involves sending data to a server that I control. The data stored is;
  • The Wifi MAC addresses of all devices that enter the test
  • The Google Account's email address that you choose to sign-in with

The data is connected by a unique user id that has no personal meaning and is specific to this application. No passwords or sensitive data is stored at all (this is a current company policy for any project of a particular scope).

The data may be purged at the end of the alpha test.

The alpha binary will be invalidated at a later date.

Tester responsibilities

This first test will be a very basic technology feasibility test and requires multiple Android devices to partake in the test to be effective.

Crashes are expected, however the test should not constantly crash. It should be stable enough for you to consistently get the same result each time you run it.

The test itself is a street-pass style system where any device with this app installed that is logged into a Google account will periodically scan its vicinity for peers also running the app via WiFi.

If a peer is discovered; your MAC address is sent to the database with your Google Account email, tied to a UUID (unique user identification) and at the same time your client will use the discovered peers' MAC addresses to look up their UUIDs and download their user data (at the moment this is JUST their Google Account email).

This data is kept alive only for the lifetime of the application and is not stored on any device, however MAC addresses and Google Account emails will be publicly visible for nearby users - please keep this in mind.

You may remove the application at any moment and that will stop the Wifi broadcasting - as will selecting the sign-out option in the top menu.

Expected behaviour

Your device will receive a notification every time a new peer is discovered. You can "Clear" the peers with the Action Button or in the menu - which allows you to rediscover them.

This all runs in the background, so you should be able to close the app and still have it discover nearby peers and have nearby peers discover you.

Enrol Instructions

Please send me a PM on this forum (Tiny button at the bottom left of this post) with the following details;
  • Device A operating system version (See here for a list; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_version_history)
  • Device A type - Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, watch, TV, console, etc
  • Device A brand - (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc), model number if known would be handy
  • Device B operating system version
  • Device B type - Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, watch, TV, console, etc
  • Device B brand - (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc), model number if known would be handy
  • Google Play Account email - This is used to enter you into the alpha branch, you may use a different account email for the app itself
  • If you know what Nintendo Streetpass is with some details (eg; you own a 3DS and have played streetpass in the past, or you still play it, or you have only read about it, or you have no clue what it is)
  • If you have more than two Android devices, please list the details on those devices also

What to look for
In particular interest is if the discovery works for you when your device is in standby. Battery life is something to look for; my personal testings have excellent battery usage, but I'd like to know if that carries for all cases.

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