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    King Kadelfek
  Sun Nov 13, 2011 8:41 pm
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Location: France ! France ! France ! ...yeah, your land is cool too, don't worry. :)
Hi all !

I would like to announce you that I'm back on DreaMaker !
DreaMaker XP 4.8 have just been released in french. The 4th generation of the software have been made for commercial games, so I didn't release them. But now, the project is free, it's open source, there will be a plugin system soon, etc...

If you can understand french or remember which options to select, here is a link.
DreaMaker XP v4.8

Here are the new functionnalities of DMK 4.8 :
- 5 times faster than DMK 3.8 for XP projects
- new structure for Dialogues.txt (all messages are independent)
- better character encoding (more languages available)
- RM2K / RM03 compatibilty temporarely removed

DreaMaker XP v4.9 :
- international version

DreaMaker XP 4.10 :
- plugin system

DreaMaker v5 :
- RM2K / RM03 compatibility return

I'm working on the RMVX version too. And I will have a lot of work with RMVXACE I think.
I'm creating a common data format for all versions of RM, so DMK is compatible with all versions. And it will be possible to convert your game from one version to another.

I added all this to the first post, as well as this tutorial made by Senor Kaffee (Michael Herzog) :

I'm french ! I'm writing English like a...
...I don't know the word, sorry... ^_^'

DreaMaker, the RPG Maker's successor compatible with RM2K, RM03 and RMXP

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  Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:53 pm

Hi! First of all, I'm really sorry for bringing up an (very) old thread, but I just felt the necessity to thank you for giving us such wonderful tool. Simple and brilliant! As a traslator, I'm really grateful for this amazing soft. Heartly, thanks!

It's probably too late to ask now, but is there any possibility to make DreaMaker compatible with RPGMaker VX | ACE?. I've been searching for a way to extract text files from VX|ACE Japanese games for later translation, to no avail yet. So any information would be heartly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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