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  Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:58 am
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I've been playing around with Wx::Ruby and made a quick little editor. It's really nothing more than a basic Scintilla editor where I added "quick buttons" that allow you to create classes, modules, methods, etc. with formatting really quick like without having to copy and paste headings and such. Yes, scripters are too lazy to copy and paste! (understandable when you program thousands of lines of code like me :wink: )

Anyways, its not very advanced, or really complete, and I don't see myself doing much more work with this. It serves its purpose for me.

- Load .rb files
- Save .rb files
- Can show/hide classes/modules/methods/blocks with the left margin
- Adds headings and stuff automatically

Anyways, below is the zip of the exe. I guess I could add some screens to this as well:

SEP 1.0


The indention isn't perfect. I just got annoyed and threw together what I could come up with in a few seconds.

Here is the source code for it. I used Wx::Ruby to make this, and OCRA to compile it together.
Expand to see the code.

I am not very familiar with Wx::Ruby, so I've probably screwed some areas up and coded more than what I really needed. Feel free to leave whatever comments you wish.

I want to review your script!
I am always looking for scripts to look over and offer my advice on people's coding. If you want your script reviewed and to further develop your scripting skills, just put a [Review] tag in your topic. I will always post in any scripting topic marked [Review] offering whatever advice I can give.


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  Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:35 am

Heh, if you want to make an external script editor, there's really one thing you need for it to be worth it: an intellisense equivalent. That and a resizable editor window >.>

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