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We are currently in the process of trialing a new HBGames. All users and most posts have been moved across.

We'd ask that at this time you refrain from posting on HBGames.org, and instead move to the new site, while we test things and get it up and running. While no current content will be lost, we cannot guarantee any new posts made here will be saved.

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  Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:00 pm
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Submissions, promotion and advertisement

So you want to be in the eZine?

Advanced RPG Maker are always accepting submissions for articles and other content.

There are a few rules:

1. You agree to us editing your article for, but not limited to: spelling and grammar, space constraints, potentially illegal content
2. You agree that your article will be in the eZine for it's full life and may not be removed. Anything posted on the Internet should be assumed to be out there and permanent.
3. You agree to the eZine being used to promote the site, and understand what the eZine is and does.
4. You understand that your article might not be used, and that it might not make the next issue, depending on how much content is in the queue. This is no attack on your work, and no measure of its quality: not everything can feature and not in every issue.
5. Plagiarism is never acceptable and will lead to a permanent ban.

What are we looking for?

  • Articles about RPG Maker, of any length (generally a page of A4 in Word is a long article).
  • Tutorials, guides
  • Reviews of games, scripts, artwork, etc
  • Information about cool looking games, new scripts, resources, etc
  • Interviews with prominent members of the community
  • Small advertisements of your projects to fit between articles
  • Promotional information about your own games, though this should be limited to one page of the eZine

Larger advertisements will be at our discretion.

How do I submit content?

Just send it in a private message to myself. There's a PM button below my post. I know it is perhaps an informal system, but it works.

Will you notify me when my work is used?

We might not be able to, depending on how many people submit. But we'll try.

Will I be credited?

All submissions will have their name in print at the end of their article and on a credits page at the end of the eZine. The name you submit with will be used unless you request otherwise.

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