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  Sat Feb 24, 2018 2:58 pm
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I received a feature pull request for the MV Android Client recently that adds Google Play Games support (specifically achievements). This pull request came in parallel to me starting experimental work on adding a Javascript API into some Android features, modelled off the Node.js require API.

These two branches are both aiming to add extended features to RPG Maker MV when deployed via the MV Android Client, so I have decided to refrain from merging these features until a better Extension API is designed, which is what I'm going through now.

Here's the GitHub discussion so far: https://github.com/AltimitSystems/mv-an ... t/issues/2

What features of Android would you like to be made available in MV?

Whilst this is not a guarantee that said features will be added any time soon, it helps gauge how the Extension API should be designed to make sure these features are not somehow locked out of being a possibility.

Currently the features I have in mind are:

There could be other things (that require Android permissions - so you'd get that as well) like GPS location services, Bluetooth and gyro scope.

Ideas, suggestions + feedback on how the Extension API should work

More of an advanced stuff for those what might want to create an Extension. Right now we're going with the idea of Extensions being Android libraries that are either bundled with the MV Android Client or downloaded from a third party.

The current thinking is that you list what extensions you want in the app build.gradle using their package name and the dependencies are added and the MV Android Client uses reflection to bind and attach Extensions. Extensions are then queried for JavascriptInterface objects and any Javascript source code that needs to be ran in the MV engine.

There's some features from Android that will need exposing to Extensions, so far I've got onActivityResult listed down, but there's bound to be a whole bunch that haven't come to mind right now.

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