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  Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:12 pm
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Welcome to the HKCP. Or, a relaunch of it.

This time around, the HKCP is an attempt to create a solid resource pack. That is, a package (would be called an RTP in RPG Maker) of graphical assets that are enough to create a game with (but that can be added to).

Also this time around there will be some key rules:

1. No rips or edits of other graphics unless you 100% have permission to indefinitely use them in this project
2. No RPG Maker RTP: this should be usable in any engine
3. Tilesets should be formatted to be usable in a 32x32 or 48x48 scenario; if you don't then you must let somebody else edit them to be as such

Anything you post in this forum becomes part of the resource pack. You can't backtrack on this - i.e. come back in a year and decide you don't want your work in it any more. This has to be usable in peoples' games.

The package will also be usable in commercial games, so bear that in mind.

How do I contribute to the HKCP?

You can start a thread, for each individual asset you are creating. Tag your thread as such:

[WIP] = Work in Progress: not a finished piece.
[FIN] = Finished; will be added to the package if it meets criteria.
[CH] = Character
[TS] = Tiles/Tileset

What do I get out of contributing?


Well, you do. See, the more people that contribute, the more other people will contribute. The more we work towards a complete package, the sooner that package will come.

If you have ever wanted a Half Kaizer RTP then you can obtain it by simply contributing the odd one or two pieces.

I won't get anything?

We may run contests (HBGames or individual members) to encourage content building.

What form will templates take?

We haven't decided quite yet. We will get back to you ASAP.

What if I have things I made for the old HKCP? Or that other people made?

If you can prove it was provided with a license that says we can use it, then we can use it. If not, then if it is your own, you can submit it. If it is somebody else's, get their permission and you or they can submit it. If it is not your own work you must say so, and if it is not actually OK for us to use, then it will be removed.

I don't know how to sprite.

That's fine. Start a WIP thread and we will help you get better. The old HKCP was partially a learning experience: this can be too.

How will this be released?

Every so often we will go through all the [FIN] threads, pluck out resources, and package them into a zip file. That's "the package", and is what people will be using in their projects. "The package" will only consist of finished products and should be well polished. We worship "the package".

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