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  Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:56 pm
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Make it your goal to have the player in control after the first two dialogue boxes, imposing that restriction will help you figure out how to handle the introduction in a player-friendly way.

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  Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:43 pm
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Inept Evil Stooge

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I saw a list somewhere of all the RPGs someone had played and he wrote down the amount of time from pressing "new game" until getting control of the character. He kept track of a bunch other checkpoints too: first combat, access to inventory, level-up, and then recorded how long he had to play until he had access to all the systems in the game. I don't remember all the stats, but one of the worst offenders was FFXV, where you had to play for something like 15 hours before you're given free reign with all the game systems.

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  Fri Jul 12, 2019 10:28 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
It's definitely a rule, if your character isn't already battle ready, then the first thing they're going to do is get a sword or go through a training session. "It's dangerous to go alone"

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  Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:39 pm
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For most characters they would be somewhat battle ready as it stands, Sven however- may not be the most equipped. As an additional complication, fighting in dreams tends to be very different to fighting in reality... or at least the anime-esque cliche-fueled cosmic reality of the physical Biztopian cosmos.

Pjcr came through, somewhat anyway- and I have been eagerly working away at getting things implemented. In fact I just finished adding 96 faces for Pep, Rolly and Tristy(24 each), as they have new portraits, this can be multiplied by three due to me adding a couple animated frames per piece. It's been a monotonous flurry of GIMP file editing mixed with the exhiliration of drawing faces in sai on the nice bases Pj provided. ANYWAY!- To get us started~ Here are those bases.

From right to left, Rolly Dorito, Pep Cookiedoe and Tristy Heals.

And yes, I do have a facegrid for all three, now compiled into one convenient globule! These aren't animated so not everything I did can be seen here, but suffice it to say, this has virtually been my work for the last two days.

The great thing is that using placeholders means all I need do is replace them in the game files and these are ready to go, albeit- after some great deal of file-editing monotony! As an extra bonus, if I wanted to start working on Intelligence: Multi-Vitamin at some point I now have a good library of resources for it!

And Pjcr isn't the only one who has been doing incredible work, Xiie as a matter of fact- just finished Nola Worthington's Sprite and it looks amazing!

With this, all that remains for her is to do is Lady Tiramisa (Pep's grandmother, and her current project) and Kara (Khao Manee swordslinger from PFC). That's it, then she's done!

Jake has also been hard at work, finishing Disk 1's themes and moving forward- speaking of, here's the Exile Lyza's epic battle theme, and a new theme for the Man of a Thousand Names.

He's also been getting a good ways with the Insidious Architect's battle theme, which does play in Demo 2 IF and ONLY IF you get Yi down to half health or below while fighting her on Vahnus. (A fight which is INCREDIBLY difficult to stay alive for.) A good queue is that at the same time she'll start casting ZERO UNIVERSE. I've heard a demo of the soon-to-be theme and it sounds EPIC so far, so keep an eye out for my next post where that will be included in all likelihood.

I've also been adding and refining polish, removing typos bit by bit, and I've been making SOME progress on the Tristy fights. Outside of needing some extra mechanics the first phase is done, the second phase "can" be beaten but its not yet very functional. I have plans for it but currently I'm trying to think on how to best work it. Suffice it to say while I have all of Tristy's baseline portraits done, I don't have her with six wings and her angelic get up, so I'm not in any huge hurry there~

But yeah, progress is going very well! Pjcr also got me some handy files like Sacreblu with crossed arms and Fyori with her hands down in her lap, basically poses I hadn't yet received. I'll make a big song and dance about them once all the hype for Pep, Rolly and Tristy has died down.

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