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  Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:44 pm
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Location: England
Hi there!

I wasn't exactly sure where the best place to post this was but I am interested in getting community input on a project I am currently working on. You may be asking what is RpgDev?

I decided to start work many years ago on effectively an alternative to mainstream solutions currently available when it comes to developing 2D rpgs. I have spent many years working with different game engines and found in particular the newer RPG Makers really lack the features which several people want and does not provide the flexibility the various different types of RPGs require.

My aim for RpgDev is to provide a set of tools and a game engine for people to develop desktop-targeted RPGs. The game engine is built on cross-platform technologies so it will support Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. Mobile isn't ruled out; the only thing stopping me going down that route currently is resource.

What's so special about RpgDev? I'll provide a list of features currently implemented:

Implemented as of 03/06/2018:
  • A technical layer limit of 4,294,967,295. This depends on hardware capability and realistically you would rarely use more than 2.
  • Have maps as small as 1x1 or bigger than your PC can handle.
  • Optimisation via batching.
  • No limit on tile set height or width.
  • Map sprite textures are grouped into bigger textures internally providing big performance increases and allowing you to use texture dimensions that would usually lag some other game engines.
  • Assign a collection of maps to a certain world; allowing you to move seamlessly between the map instances for open world scenarios.
  • Fog & tint options.
  • Lighting texture for each map You can use the editor to export map screenshots to be used in creating artificial lighting effects without overriding fog.
  • Collision system & terrain tags.
  • Event system with auto run, touch and interact triggers.
  • Mix different sprite sizes with scaling.

  • Support any screen size while maintaining aspect ratio.
  • Built in 1x, 2x, 4x scale modes.
  • Custom splash screens while starting the game.
  • Midi playback support with the ability to change sound fonts on the fly, changing the playback speed and volume. Currently only support for .SF2 sound fonts.
  • Fade in/out transitions.
  • Font rendering.
  • XML file formats
  • Movement & animation.

  • Real time preview of changes No need to test play the game to see fog/screen tint changes.
  • Change tile set collision, priority and terrain tag options.
  • Paint/erase tiles and groups of tiles.
  • Modern interface supporting various screen sizes.

  • C# 6.0 Class Library scripting
  • Ability to implement custom events and editors for the RpgDev Editor.
  • Thread-safe scripting API that you can extend with your own class library.

This list will expand in the future and it is just a list of features currently in place, I'll be getting a website launched soon but if you would like to see a video of some functionality see the below video:


(Please note the above video uses assets from Inquisitor at RPG Palace and Pokemon Essentials pack)

Here is a screenshot of the editor so far (Some of the layout is liable to change when I get the event windows fleshed out):

What I would like to know, for those of you out there; If you could ask for any feature in an RPG development toolkit (Like RPG Maker) what would you want?

Any feedback on what I have currently shown is greatly appreciated. Thank you for those who take the time to check this out. I'd love to hear from you!


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