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  Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:57 pm

System VX - Tapping Hooves (in Polish: System VX - Stukoczące Kopytka)

I would like to present you the game developed by the group named TagTeam (which I am in). The title of the game is System VX - Tapping Hooves (original Polish title: System VX - Stukoczące Kopytka).

English version may contain some language mistakes. Please let us know if you find any. Sorry in advance for our incompetence :wink:

Short description
SVTP is an arcade music type game. If you have played games like Boost a Move, Boost a Groove or Parrapa the Rapper you shouldn't have any problem with it. The player is required to press direction buttons according to those shown on the falling balls. It has to be performed in right time.
Game contains various balls, handicaps and lot of stages in challenge and story mode. Details are explained in the tutorial :wink:

The plot does not make much sense and is childish :D ... 'Alternative' music star is organizing a dance tournament, in which only amatours are invited.

Content Hidden

Download: ~ 46 MB - Ver. 1.2

Additional Info:
Weaker computers may have problem with the game processing. To compensate for the lag you can turn off unnecessary running applications / programs. Minimum requirements may be reduced in the game options.

Hope you like it. Comments are appreciated. :wink:

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  Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:33 pm
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Seems pretty fun, but a quick question... How do you stop the bombs exploding, and catch the items.

I looked at the tutorial, but all it ready does is show the HUD and the different items, but not give information on what buttons to use etc.
I think what you could do in story mode is add a practice level, perhaps make it as the dancing being between friends, before being called into the tournament. In this level, it explains what keys should be pressed.

Also, is it possible to make it so you don't lose health if you fail to collect items, like the potion and everything, cus that seems a bit unfair :P

EDIT: Kinda got the hang of it now, but could you make it possible so that you can regain health through combos, instead of just with potions, as it is too easy to lose on this game. Especially with those bombs necking half your health.

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