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  Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:36 am
Under thy name of anguish, I shall draw a red moon with your blood.
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Time to complete: It took my about 7 hours to complete the game.

STORY: Kent is a very happy, very lucky and very imaginative young boy who works at a convenient store. He lives in a strange city where most of the population have No Faces. One day he was just chilling at the Arcade when he meets a quiet young girl named Naomi, they share their passion in video games and Kent meets his idol, Arnold, a cool, smooth young teen, he stares at him in awe. On the way home they meet up with a monster that they have to fight, to make a long story short, they meet up with a girl named Kaily who informs them that she is part of an agency that gets rid of the monsters she calls "The Hopeless." They continue to fight monsters and make new friends. For some reason, the adults in the city cannot see these monsters, they just walk around in their own world. The kids must beat the Hopeless in order to keep their youth. Normal Disguise's story has no Genre, it is just an experience that can't be classified as anything.
WORLD: Normal Disguise takes place in a strange city where most of the population are missing their faces but act as if nothings wrong. Strange and weird things can happen in this city, a character can walk on thin-air, fly up into space, enter their dreams as if it were really there, make random flash backs, make pop-culture references that aren't of their world, but most importantly, kids have most of the rights in their world, adults are simply there. People learn their Jobs from reading comic books. The mainstream is anime and comics. Everyone has an extreme personality since they spend so much time alone, unless they don't then they repress their extreme side. Let's just say that this world is extremely weird.

Kent: He is a very happy-go-lucky young boy with an over active imagination. He loves Video Games and Anime, he cannot see the bad side in anyone. He's always looking for new adventures and experiences, his passion in life is to play video games forever with his friends, that is his ultimate goal. He see's everything as full of life, he want's to explore and have fun, he hates doing nothing unless he's in a familiar environment, if not, he get's extremely bored, very quickly. He also very oblivious, falling in love to quickly and easily.
Male, Age: 12

Naomi: She is very quiet if she doesn't know who she is talking to but once she is comfortable, she is a chatter box. Like, Kent, she hates doing nothing and gets bored very quickly, she loves being with people she knows. She's a Video Game expert, beating Kent at any video games. Her favorite kinds of games are Co-op games because of the team work she shares with her friends. There is something wrong with her, something strange but it is never revealed what it was that is keeping her from being truly happy, but in the end she usually is happy all along.
Female, Age: 12

Arnold: He is a cool, popular teenager. He only hangs out with the younger crowds and loves to throw video games and pizza parties. He is sometimes seen with another mysterious man. He is keeping a huge secret from everyone that he would not tell if his life depended on it. He is very young at heart and yet very mature in thinking and therefore he can get along with most people. He holds a special place in his heart for American Comic Books and Video Games. His uncle is into obscure video games.
Male, Age: 17

Kaily: She is the General in her Agency and acts as a Teacher figure to everyone in her team. She's hot headed and thinks logically only. She is very Robotic some might say. She gets her information from a mysterious being. Her favorite kinds of comic books are the ones where a Robot is the main character. She isn't a huge nerd like the other characters.
Female, Age: Unknown

Marvin: He's a very eccentric and wild young man who acts much younger than he actually is. He is very random and the things he says implies questionable actions he did in his life time. He owns a Comic Book Store that gone through a lot of changes through the chorus of owning his own business. His Comic Book Store was once a Prostate Exam Clinic. He had no friends before meeting Kent and his team, well he did but they were all Monsters he was keeping in his Comic Book Store.
Male, Age: 19

Cherry: She is a small child who is recruited by Kaily, she is very quiet, very naive and very innocent. She remains oblivious through out most of the game although she has a very strong connection with her imagination and therefore finds out most things first before the rest of her friends.
Female, Age: 6

Suzan: She is a very hyper-active young lady who acts much younger than she actually is and because of this she shares a romantic (but not serious) relationship with Marvin. She joined the team because it sounded cool and loves the comic book store.
Female, Age: 18

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure - Each time you play, the story will play differently if you choose to. No path is better than the other, even if you choose the wrong path and your story will seemingly end, it doesn't end. You journey isn't finished until it's finished.

Class Change - You can change you class any way you want, with any character you want. Each character is completely customizable, you can truly customize and build your team. No one completely plays the Mage, the Healer, The Warrior unless you want them to. You can learn unique classes by reading comic books. You want a Ninja? Get a character to read Naruto. Or maybe you rather be a Bounty Hunter, get that character to read Cowboy Bebop!

Team Organization - So only 4 people can battle at a time, create unique team combinations to get an edge in battle.

Wait Gauge Battle System - Battles are more tense thanks to the Wait Gauge Battle System. Battle in real time!

Learn Enemy Skills - You can learn even more skills be defending, you have a 50/50 percent chance of learning an enemy skill!

Screen Shots

CREDITS (My least favorite segment to do... Not complaining, just saying.)

FLCL OST - The Pillows
Revolutionary Girl Utena OST
Kirby's Dream Land Music
Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival OST
Super Smash Bros Brawl OST

Right here~ http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... .sub.jp%2F Mao Space's Website

Faceset/Character Sets
Right here~ http://usui.moo.jp/rpg_tukuru.html Kaduki Resources (Japanese Site)

Custom Commands by Dargor
Large Party by Dargor
Party Changer by Dargor
Spin Wait Gauge by Ziffee
Regenerate HP/MP by Synthesize
Battle Frenzy by Dargor
Full HP/MP when Level Up by Woratana
Enemy AI Boost by Mithran
Job Changer by BlackMorning
Enemy Skills by Tywin
Continue BGM After Battle by BulletXt

Battle Graphics
http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/ind ... sc&cat=207 Right here!!

Title Screen
It's not the one I wanted by it appears to be for a project called Saga of Spirits. Sounds pretty cool and something I want to play. Thumbs up! But seriously, if someone wants to do an original Title Screen for this game, that would be beyond awesome!

DOWNLOAD: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ib4gt9 109.99 MB Download and if you want my opinion, it's all worth it!
Pretty neat, huh?

Divine Euphoria - A Fantasy Adventure Visual Novel - 80% Done
Normal Disguise - An Anime RPG Celebrating Anime, Video Games, Comic Books and Youth - 60% Done

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