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  Tue May 29, 2012 12:59 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
Today's Update

Quite a big change today, but it's one for the better.

In the past users have been given a landing page when they log in to the game, even for the first time. This has prompted almost every player coming and asking what they're supposed to do; how to actually "play the game", and what all the things on this page do.

Rather than clarify every item on the page and explain what it does, I have decided to rid of the landing page entirely.

Now when players log in they are thrown straight into the game - the base camp, specifically, or whatever area they were in when they closed the game last time.

In a short coming update new players will arrive in a tutorial area to further clarify how to play the game and what is going on.

The features of the former landing page have been turned into a side menu. This is on the left hand edge of the screen, and hovering the mouse over "menu" will open it. You can close this menu by clicking "close" on the right hand edge of this menu.

Clicking the face in this menu now leads straight to the face changing screen, handily.

Any opinions or thoughts please let me know.

Other stuff since I last posted

20 new faces have been added, raising the options available to a nice round 100. You can change your face in the settings menu (top right). Added an extra four because I realised numbers 44-48 were missing.

World Expansion

In order to fit in some new updates, the world has grown a bit.

Ten new "maps" have been added (but not given graphics or descriptions yet) around the world. Most of these are shoved-in between two existing areas, to provide space for some new graphical maps.

These graphical maps will be detailed like towns, but will represent the entrance to a dungeon.

A further 13 maps have been created to accomodate the earth dungeon, although this isn't finished yet.

So in all, a pretty good expansion!

A new NPC has been added to begin the Elemental Caves quest, which has been added to the Journal, although this quest is not finished yet. You can complete a good two thirds of it - by starting the quest and then taking the fire and ice dungeons.

The entrance to the air cave where the NPC stands is a loose secret (not that hard to find if you explore a bit).

Cave portals now complete:

Image Image Image Image

The path to the Earth cave is now open to anyone who has completed the Bloody Vampires quest.

Earth Caves

Update on the earth caves:

Graphics done.
Descriptions done.

Still to do:

- Enemy graphics
- Ending graphic
- Earth orb item (with some combinations)
- Finish to elemental caves quest with reward
- Earth cave portal graphics (and fire, ice)
- Link path to earth cave from dark forest (requires Bloody Vampires to be completed)

The most intensive are the portal graphics, which will be like the towns'.

Test it here:
http://afar.ws/v/page.php?p=area-earthc ... al&style=2

Bloody Vampires

The Bloody Vampires quest has been completed and now has a full journal log.

Weasel's Bugs


2. Siding with the Vampires just leads me to a blank screen with a continue button that does nothing.

3. Siding with the Humans takes me to a screen with a Bear Hunter asking for me to go kill a bear in the sewers. I had no idea how I got there(mismatched conversation id?) but I'm assuming this is some sort of quest or event that isn't finished, as there's no bear in the Tiben sewers.

4. When you talk with the guard at the gate, there's a 'Next' button and then a continue button appears above it, also if you click after the continue button pops up, another one will appear.

10. The preloader is only loading to 99% for me.

11. You can enter East Tiben first by entering through the sewers but then if you try to go to the west it says you can't access that area yet.

13. Bloody Vampires and Herbs gave me no Gold for completing them.

16. When you talk to the guard you say there's a strange man in the marsh but the house is right outside the guard's tent and in perfect view of him.

19. Going to airship after this: Player says 'I wonder' 'If I could somehow steal this heap of junk blah blah' Then it says 'You'll need something sharp' but the text for the 'you'll need something sharp' is to the left of the chat bubble. The return for this conversation is also white and blends in with the speech bubble.

21. Going to south Tiben and talking to the man in the southeast house will take you back to central(west) tiben


1. The click box on the 'Fort' on the map is HUGE, I have click on 'Gate' a few times and sometimes it just takes me to Fort because it takes up so much space (The actual circle is in the middle and the box expands outwards by like 100+pixels).

22. The Port and Camp collition boxes overlap.

I'll work on fixing these two but I think it might need the world map system being completely remade.

5. The area between Damascus and the Port is missing a bunch of descriptions and Area names.

There are a few more areas like this. I will add them to my todo list.

8. Also some I just noticed while typing this post: There's a weird gray bar(that looks like the default gray background for areas) that contains the preview and submit buttons, while the rest of the background is green. Also on the post screen the chatbox is behind the 'Options' and 'Disable BBCode' buttons.

9. If you hit 'preview' the chatbox will appear in the middle of the preview, not the bottom of the screen, and the 'Preview Post' at the top of the screen is in blue text which really clashes with the green background. When you scroll the entire preview screen, the background at the top remains black while the body is green( I think the black is where the 'Main Menu, Map, Inventory, Journal, etc.' bar is supposed to be)

I'll add these two to my todo list, just a bit of theming.

12. Horse outside Tiben you can stare at has no image (it just says: IMAGE in text)

Have lost the image from my hard drive unfortunately, will remake it in the future.

They should... I will have a look at this. Are you sure?

14. page.php?p=npc&npc=13 (house in straupuft) Woman image is like the man's, and also hitting return takes you to the Straupuft Marsh right outside of Straupuft not the camp itself.

15. Herbs - You can start the quest by talking to the woman in the house, who will say she doesn't like talking when her husband is away. This seems like perfectly reasonable behavior, but you can go and report the man for being suspicious to the guard.

17. The strange women with a man graphic appears and says: Please leave, I don't like others being in the house while my husband is away, then it starts the real conversation with the woman calling me a bastard for being in there before the guy got taken away.

18. Hitting 'watch a hanging' after talking to the prison guard will just bring you to a blank screen

The above four are... I don't know why they broke. But they're all the same quest, so I assume uh, something's happened... I will look into it. Probably them pesky vampires.

20. Buying something (old sword) from Tiben weapon store, it brings me to the 'BOUGHT' screen and then brings me back to the store, but the gold on the store screen still shows as what is was before the purchase (refreshing fixes this)

No easy fix for this without remaking the entire shop system (which is in the works).

NOT BUGS (feel free to disagree with me on this one)

6. The slimes in the sewers are named 'Water Animation'?

"Animations" are supposed to be a class of enemy made up of animations of the elements in the game. There is a fire animation and water animation currently.

23. In order to cut the rope for the airship I can use a basic bow, but not an old sword?

You must have an Old Sword. I need to edit the code to make sure it checks whether it's owned OR equipped. I think what is happening is equipping the item makes the code think you don't even own it. I will work on fixing this.

24. In the darkforest west the girl's box says 'They look lonely', is that because of the dolls or just a typo?

"They" is a legitimate singular pronoun in English. I'll explain my choice later.

7. You can go to the conversation at the end of 'Herbs' and complete the quest multiple times although it doesn't give you the reward more than once.

This was intentional but I can see how it could be confusing.

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  Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:00 am
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Competent Minion
I've tried playing this but its so glitchy. Especially the battle system. I tried doing the bear hunt quest. I was in the sewers fighting a giant bat, but instead it was a Ram in the snow field. Damage points seem to be inconsistent. A few battles later got stuck because I couldn't enter the area? so I click "go back" and it just showed the winnings of the previous battle. The only way to escape was to open the world map.

From the character screen I entered a battle against myself and won a lamp.

Seems to be a lot of redundent messages, like when a conversation is over you should just have to "click to continue" but instead you have to click "next" and then "click to continue". Or the inventory popup "You equiped XXX item" "click to close", seeing the item in the slot is confirmation enough don't you think?

Navigation is a little confusing. The arrows aren't always consistent, like I go UP but the new area only has left and right arrows, how am I suppose to know which way I came from? It doesn't help that most of the areas look the same. In the sewers or the Ice cave I click one direction then enter a battle, when it's over I'm not sure if I'm in the same area or a different area.

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  Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:06 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
Cheers Coyote, missed your post, will read shortly, sorry.

BIG AFAR has begun

We had a few months' setback because I unexpectedly had to return to University but that is over and I have a very large update planned for tonight that will start off Big Afar.

I have a smaller update planned in case I can't get it done for tonight.

Big Afar starts today

That means there will be a new game update every single day from now on - ranging from a new item to a new quest or an entire new feature like trading or Facebook integration. I can't promise the works every single day, but can promise that there will be at least one improvement every day, and will create a forum in the game for this shortly.

In any event that I miss a day (for reasons good or improper) I will make every effort to make it up to you.

New Thread

I will be rewriting the game's thread here and elsewhere shortly. I am not sure whether to start a new thread (this is 14 pages after all) but will probably just replace the first post.

Happy gaming -


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  Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:12 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
coyotecraft wrote:
I've tried playing this but its so glitchy. Especially the battle system.

Apologies, I will try and fix if i have something specific to fix.

I tried doing the bear hunt quest. I was in the sewers fighting a giant bat, but instead it was a Ram in the snow field.

Will add to the list, sorry.

Damage points seem to be inconsistent.

There is an explanation of damage points in game but I won't post it as it's changing soon anyway to be more strategic.

A few battles later got stuck because I couldn't enter the area? so I click "go back" and it just showed the winnings of the previous battle. The only way to escape was to open the world map.

This sounds like I have my map marker switches in the wrong places, sorry. I will add this to the list and try and fix it. It's a tossup between letting people URL hack anywhere or extreme security and obviously the extreme security idea isn't working well.

From the character screen I entered a battle against myself and won a lamp.

This is normal; you shouldn't be able to battle yourself though. I will fix that. When you battle other players you get a random item from a set depending on the level difference (higher level difference = better items to draw from).

Seems to be a lot of redundent messages, like when a conversation is over you should just have to "click to continue" but instead you have to click "next" and then "click to continue".

I thought I had fixed this but will have a go again.

Or the inventory popup "You equiped XXX item" "click to close", seeing the item in the slot is confirmation enough don't you think?

I did this because a significant number of people said the opposite (that they didn't know when an item had been equipped or whatnot).

Navigation is a little confusing. The arrows aren't always consistent, like I go UP but the new area only has left and right arrows, how am I suppose to know which way I came from?

Hmm, that is a problem; I can't think of any areas that should be like that but I will search around, sorry about that. They should all match up.

It doesn't help that most of the areas look the same. In the sewers or the Ice cave I click one direction then enter a battle, when it's over I'm not sure if I'm in the same area or a different area.

I think I need to add dungeon maps as a new update.

In short, fighting on-map takes you to the same area, whereas fighting in a dungeon (i.e. the battles come from arrows) takes you to a new area. I will try and simplify this.

Thanks for the comments.

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  Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:00 am
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Omnipresent Merchant

  • New interior map system
  • Long list of bug fixes
  • NEW QUEST: Rats
  • New shop system
  • Work been done to the tutorial
  • Several new game mechanics for future use

August 9th: Interior Maps

Today's update is a new game mechanic which has been demonstrated in two demo maps at the moment. This is the beginning of a new quest which I hope to complete over the next few days.

The mechanic? The first ever interior maps, with animated elements for navigation. An extension of the Town system.


It's not much but it kicks off our daily updates - from now on there will be an update every single day of any size. It depends how long they take of course; you might get a small update or a massive quest depending on the day. But it's all cool.

August 10th

I have been stuck on trains / rail replacement buses all day so today's update is quite small unfortunately. A new map has been added as I whittle away at the new interior maps, some code has been tweaked on interactive objects, and a couple of typos fixed. Hopefully tomorrow's update is more substantial.

Updated with a 4th room.

August 11th

More substantial update tomorrow.

For now,

The dreaded "the world is quiet here" page is now gone, replaced with a simple message box telling you you've wiped out all the monsters in the area.

The tutorial I've been working on has advanced a bit but it's not ready for release yet.

A load of code changes fixing things which weren't broken before, such is life.

August 12th - More Substantial Updates

More work on the tutorial - will get more done later today, for now here's some new bits:



New look for shops

This only affects the tutorial currently. Utilising the message system, you now don't leave the map you're in to view the shop. All shops are going to have interiors eventually.


August 13th - Quest

A new quest is planned for tonight; for now though:

Unfortunately as is sometimes the case today's update fixes something broken in yesterday's update. Battles should now work without always telling you you've scared everything away. Apologies for any inconvenience.

And now, back to working on the quest.

New Quest!

A new quest has been added to the game, designed to get people moving around in the starter areas. It's in the journal. Short quest, small reward.
Sometimes the simplest of quests/updates require the most work, and this is no exception; importantly though the functions created for this quest will be useful elsewhere so consider it more of a functionality update than a content boost.

This brings us to... five!

August 14th: Bug Fixes

New content:

New NPC and new graphics in the farm.

Bug Fixes


Tiben Port

New Tiben Port

Tiben Port has been remade!

  • Uses the new interior map system
  • New building: Inn (setting up a future quest)
  • New message when trying to travel to Port Glade
  • New graphics around the place




UPDATE: Desert

The Eastern Desert is now fully interactive and area descriptioned. (19 maps)

WOODS (14 maps): fully interactive, including the deeper woods past the plains.

MARSH (7 maps): fully interactive.

COAST (18 maps): fully interactive.

DESERT (19 maps): fully interactive.

SNOW FIELDS (15 maps): 12 interactive, 3 left to do.

FIELDS (14 maps): none interactive.

DARK FOREST / MYRE (14 maps): none interactive.

- 31 left to do. Sorry I know I said I'd do the Dark Forest next - but the Desert seemed far more of a desolation.

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  Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:42 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
DAILY UPDATES: another 4 days

I've kept this up for 11 days now.

Some cool updates.

August 15th

The login page has been reformed making it clearer how to skip the loading bar. All the silly branding has been removed as to get to the login page you'd have been to the homepage anyway.

Snow Fields Expansion

The Snow Fields have been expanded with seven new interactive maps leading from Port Glade to Ivan Camp. This makes it a bit more of a trek and more worth visiting. New graphics and six new interactive objects, with a building which will be used shortly.

If I have time and my Internet stops cutting out tonight I will work on adding new NPCs to these areas and the Port and Camp themselves, introducing storyline elements which have been in my head since making the areas but I haven't been able to get into words. Hmm.


August 16th

Amongst other minor updates:

Tiben Castle now has an interior.
A new quest has begun, which is 50% complete and will be finished either tonight or tomorrow.
Ivan Camp has been removed from the world map for now, and will be unlockable through the quest. It will have NPCs and interiors by tomorrow.

August 17th

New shop: the Quartermaster (Ivan Camp)
New interiors: two tents in the Ivan Camp

Buttons around the game have been replaced with nicer ones.

New updates regarding the new quest:

New item
Several new NPC conversations
The Frozen Well has been removed from the world map; it can be unlocked through doing the quest
The first part of the quest is open for curious people, you can get as far as the Frozen Well

A new book has been added to the game.
Another new NPC for the quest and another interior.

August 18th

Juliet's journal has been written and added to the game. Apologies, I missed that out yesterday.

Three new NPCs added to Tiben Town, one of which will be the start of tonight's quest.

Six new faces added.

Image Image Image Image Image Image

A new quest has been aded (has it's own news thread).

The journal has been remade. Links are now visible instead of being white. Quests are now arranged, for now, into "short" and "medium"; there will be other categories when more quests are made.

One of the (closed) shops in Tiben, Castle Row has been replaced with the Damascan Embassy for use in a future quest. It has a basic interior.

Another face added.


Two New Quests

Map Maker

A short quest that introduces some new background mechanics which I am using to make a future quest. A bit boring the technical details but it makes the game much more flexible.

Introduces a new NPC in Tiben.


The most important quest in the game, and medium lengthed. Introduces lots of important things:

- Storyline characters
- Two new World Map locations
- Two new books
- Important storyline elements that will be expanded on in future
- Several NPCs


We passed:
200 items
300 scenes

Also we have:
48 NPC conversations
7 quests
108 faces

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  Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:22 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
Some Updates

The game continues to be updated daily. Missed one day unfortunately! But other than that continuous new content has been added.

Not as much as could be though, mainly because I lack other people's input/feedback/suggestions and don't really know what people want from the game, but I think it's going ok.

Looking at it the updates aren't great. My family are "on holiday" so I don't have as much time as I usually do. I promise that if people actually play the content will improve significantly.

19th: Two new interior maps; background work
20th: Tiben expanded with a new area. Graphical improvements around Tiben. Interiors done graphically ready for adding.

August 21st

Sarah's suggestions have been implemented:

1. Click-menu in inventory
The menu is now fixed (i.e. doesn't change when you hover the mouse) and clicking another item closes the menu to stop conflicts.

2. Discard
Discard gets rid of an item. To preserve the economy, if an item is sellable it will go to the second hand store (with the player getting 25% of it's value).

3. Discard all
Discard all gets rid of all of an item, as with discard.

Fixed lead and gold crafting, missed a couple of breaks.

NEW MERCHANT SKILL: EXPLORATION is a special skill which is increased while you explore the world. It is a count of how many unique areas you have been to. A leaderboard will be made soon.

There are now leaderboards for Lumberjack, Woodwork, Metalwork and Exploration.

August 22nd

Small world expansion: the path through the desert now continues past the Oasis, with five new maps and one graphical dungeon entrance for a future dungeon.

Have tried to fix the scrollbar issue caused by a Firefox update. Should be sorted but please post if you have any problems with scrollbars appearing / disappearing at the wrong moments.

15 areas created with doorways formed creating interior maps that can be entered and exited. Not yet linked to their areas and nothing inside them.

Next stage: populating them with the currently existing NPCs
After that: linking them to their areas
Final step: creating new NPCs

August 23rd

Merthyr items have been given a new look.

The merchant skills page has been updated with space for some guides which will go up soon. You can view this page from your CHARACTER page until I find a better place to link it.

Shiny Set

A new set of items, all only obtainable from fighting monsters. Level 2 rarity. The shiny set is a 2 damage armour/weapons set with eight items (several different weapons).

Merthyr Set

Two new items have been added to the Merthyr set (an axe and a shield).

Merthyr has had it's price halved to 200 gold. It has also been bumped down one in the rarity chart. This is not as significant as it sounds, level 5 is still pretty rare.

Darck Set

Do you see where I'm going with this..?

A new set of 8 items has been added, a black armour 4 damage set. It is level 6 rarity.

Greenite Set

A new... you get the idea.

8 items, made of Greenite (displayed as "Green"), 5 damage set, level 6 rarity for now.

Brimstone Set

Ok, this is the final set for today.

The Brimstone set represents the highest level of armour currently available. 8 pieces again, this is a 6 damage set and is red in colour. It is currently level 6 rarity.

August 24th: Apologies, no meaningful update today. Had a hack scare when I went to add it (turned out to be a negative, we're safe).
August 25th: The first part of the Metalwork guide is now online (which is more conceptual than contentual).
August 26th: Today's work is largely on paper. For now though, added ten more faces to choose from.

August 27th
Dwarvern Mines

New large area. The basic structure of the Dwarvern Mines - an underground world - has been created. There is nothing to do yet but you can explore the place and see where things are going to be.

See design notes: http://afar.ws/v/page.php?p=area-mines-1

August 28th: Four new interior maps have been added to Tiben (three in Central) and three shops reformatted in the new system.
August 29th: Tiben Central, South and East now have all of their interiors done and with the new shop system.
August 30th: TIBEN NORTH is now fully remade with interiors and the new shop system, with a completely new shop added too. Four interiors here. This just leaves the new South East map to do and then Tiben will be complete.

Design Notes
Some (maybe) interesting design notes to read:

Expanding the world: http://afar.ws/v/viewtopic.php?style=4&f=23&t=643
Equipment requirements: http://afar.ws/v/viewtopic.php?style=4&f=23&t=645
Subterrania: http://afar.ws/v/viewtopic.php?style=4&f=23&t=650

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  Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:59 pm
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Big Dumb Guy

Location: UK
Your homepage is missing the favicon that's on all the other pages.

I made a list of some of the things I'd change:

*****HOMEPAGE - Could use a few less buttons and more concise text.
Update news updates to be shown through twitter-style blurbs.
Pixel art would look better replaced with large character drawings.
Site background is a bit hard on the eyes, would look better with a simpler image.
Log In, Register, and Play Now could just be replaced with: Play Now -> Log In/Register.
The create account link is a bit redundant since there is already a Register link.
The Privacy Policy, Message Boards and About links would look better as a horizontal row of buttons with image graphics rather than text.

*****In Game - Noisy backgrounds can be a bit hard on the eyes (mostly the grass and snow textures)
The brick frame is used a bit too much, maybe have some more alternate frames?
Gameplay - I found that the dead ends are a bit annoying.
Page load times could be a bit faster: This can be fixed by replacing page changes with Javascript (Even iframes!) and reducing the number of large images.
It would be better if the background was dark with white text.
The maps are a bit complex. More clickable/roll-over elements would help the player navigate the map better.
Instead of a line of text explaining features of interest, why not have a rollover effect?

*****Fight Monsters - All of the clicking makes it seem a bit simple.
Player should be a bit more involved - This is where I would use HTML5 canvas for animations and real-time effects. I'd make a fast-paced ATB for this to hurry things along.
More feedback would be nice - text before a move and after a move.
Perhaps even a first-person perspective so player animations aren't a worry and the player's icon can be used?
Support for multiple enemies on the field would be an interesting and complex concept for dungeon boss fights (Target a limb, etc)
A one-click battle report would be a little less jarring.

*****Some fun things - Interactive fishing mini game is great! Do stuff like this
Player owned houses that they can decorate and show off.
Monetary bonuses and premium content, you should be trying to make money from this directly, if the content gained is lovely I'm sure people would go for it, the adventure quest tower comes to mind.

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  Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:00 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
Thanks bro. I'll try and work through them.

For now: the homepage news now comes from the forums (any post made by an account called News Imp). I've also added screenshots to the home page.

Monetary bonuses and premium content, you should be trying to make money from this directly, if the content gained is lovely I'm sure people would go for it, the adventure quest tower comes to mind.

I do have an IndieGogo: http://www.indiegogo.com/afar?c=home&a=783615

I'm a bit stuck for making a premium account option. There isn't enough premium content to sell it, but I don't feel happy making premium content with nobody to play it either as that gimps the free game... not sure what to do there.

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  Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:42 am
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Omnipresent Merchant
Significant Battle Updates

1. New skill icons
2. New spell animations
3. Weapon stats and tweaks
4. Elements

1. New Skill Icons

Skill icons have been replaced. They now look like this:

Image Image Image

2. New Spell Animations

4 spells now have animations: Fireball, Rockfall, Sonic Boom, Kamekaze.

3. Weapon Stats and Tweaks

This is an important update as it reshapes battles significantly.

Weapons can now either be PIERCING or BASHING. Different enemies have different weaknesses to both of these. Thick skinned enemies are strong against piercing weapons, for example.

Weapons can now be either NEAR or FAR (or WHEREVER YOU ARE... not really.) Near weapons are strong against land animals; far weapons strong against flying enemies.

Weapon stats have been changed, rather than ranging from 1 to 6 they now range from 7 to 62 and are divided by 10.0 in battles. This meant I could change damage slightly making certain weapons more powerful than others.

The current trend is:

KNIFE: Piercing near, slightly weaker
RAPIER: Piercing near, average
SWORD: Bashing near, average
BATTLEAXE: Bashing near, slightly stronger

Weapons such as the cheese sword are quite weak. Barbarian swords, gilded swords, etc, a bit stronger.

4. Elements

Elements have been added but not yet used (everything is 100% effective against everything else). Watch this space.

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  Sat Sep 08, 2012 7:09 am
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Competent Minion
I finally finished the "bear" quest. The sewer is one of the places that's confusing to navigate. You talk to the NPC to go farther in, you go from a screen with only up and down options to a new screen that has left and right arrows but they aren't labeled so you have a 50% of going back to the npc .
It would be nice to hover over the arrows so it tells you where it leads like in town areas or "???" if it's an area you haven't been to.

Some screens have a scroll bar on the side. It seems to always be there when I play from the HBgames arcade. It's only on the inventory screen when I play from the website.

The sword graphic was missing or broken in battles. Are there different weapon graphics now? I swapped between a fishing pole and ice sword, both of them had no graphic.
I also notice you have to unequip an item to see it's stat modifiers. Kinda annoy if you want to compare a new item with something you're already wearing.

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  Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:23 am
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Omnipresent Merchant
Been in a but of a rut mainly due to HBGames being down, but I've updated the game today.

Bounty (beta)

If you visit Tiben Town you'll find a new notice board which displays notes from bounty hunters across the land. They need your help. Click the board and you'll be given a new task, a new head to hunt. Head out around the world and seek the kill, return to the board, and you'll be given a reward.

This is actually two major updates:

1. The bounty task system
2. Multiple currencies

When you complete a task and return to the board you will get a bounty point. These points will be spendable in a bounty hunter's store, which hasn't been made yet (as in the items haven't been added) but is fully coded. We now have the ability to use multiple currencies - gold, bounty points, community points - in stores! When you sell the items at the secondhand store you'll get their nominal gold value in return, mind.

So, over the next few days:

- The bounty task system will be fine tuned and smarterned up based on feedback
- A store for bounty points will be added
- A community points store will finally be created

When you defeat your bounty task you will get 3x gold and 3x exp for the battle.

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  Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:36 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
Attempt 2.

Afar died over the downtime mainly because all our hits are coming from here. In a last effort to try and get Afar active and self sufficient I have launched some stuff that will hopefully become something bigger.

Community Points

You get community points for posting on the forums, creating clans, creating fan sites, etc. You can spend them on new items in the Community Point Store.

You can access the beta store here: http://afar.ws/v/action.php?quickshop=11

Bounty Points

Bounty points are gained by completing tasks, like Slayer in RuneScape or Bounty in Final Fantasy XII.

New item: Bounty Hunter's Helmet

This item can only be bought with Bounty Points - 25 of them. A good excuse to try the bounty tasks system! Click the sign post in Tiben central to start a bounty task - you get one point per task. There will be more bounty point items in future. You can currently access the beta store here: http://afar.ws/v/action.php?quickshop=12


Ever wanted your character to be bigger than it is? Your name in the game, with their own history, weapon or armour set, quest or quest series? Or fancy getting your hands on a collector's edition of the game?...


Afar needs YOU.

Running an MMORPG, especially one as large and complex as Afar, isn't cheap. Over the course of the game (since it's beginnings as Vengeance) I have spent over £1,000 - much of this being that since the past year and a half we have been on a Virtual Private Server, a necessity as our previous shared hosting couldn't cope.

I am happy with where we are - the game hasn't been down for over 500 days at this point - but times are hard and I can't afford the bills like I used to.

I want Afar to be something good. I want it to be BIG. But for that to happen I need your help.

A few months ago I launched an IndieGogo campaign to try and fund turning Afar into something greater. The campaign flopped drawing in precisely $0.

Instead I will rerun the ideas of the campaign and the donation rewards here - in the hopes somebody is interested.


Other Things

  • Straupuft has been expanded but not uploaded yet. It's being given more maps to create a proper town rather than a couple of tents around a house.
  • We have reached 263 items.
  • Ten new battle item animations created.
  • We hit 1,000 members!

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  Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:35 pm
THAT foreigner
User avatar

Location: Netherlands
yo, in dialogs, you could change the fadeOut time on the top message to 0, this would cause the two remaining messages to jump up immediately, and then your eye would be drawn to the newly appearing message. This would feel a lot more solid than adding one, and having a jump while you're reading it already.


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  Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:04 am
User avatar
Awesome Bro

Generic Townsperson
... So if I donate $7 (Eww dollars, dafuq man you're British!), I can have "Jesus Brist" on a wall and have him as a character in the game (In multiple locations!) that, when you talk to him, he rants about dirty socks and offers you unwanted advice?

This is a block of text that can be added to posts you make. There is a 9999 character limit.

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  Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:41 pm
User avatar

Omnipresent Merchant
Basically yeah.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I keep getting put off by the lack of people playing but know that's down to me not updating it regularly. It's a catch 22.

Been a bit heptic this week with things going on.

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  Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:28 am
User avatar

Competent Minion
I logged out and can't remember my username or password. Is my username the same as my character name? I named him Fekron or something stupid I made up on the fly. I clicked the X on the menu thinking it would close the menu and take me back to the map. I should probably log-out more often since the game preloads the graphics at the long in screen but I've never logged out before. Maybe that's my problem, cause I've had a lot of issues with the graphics.
The grass background, it's a repeating tile pattern but I watched it load top-down as if it's one big image. It was probably slow because it was trying to load everything else. But if it was just a small square pattern set to tile I imagine it would load instantaneous.

Edit: Exceeded Max. Log-in attempts, it asks to type an additional code from a image. But there is no image.

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  Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:28 pm
User avatar

Omnipresent Merchant
Sorry I'll try and sort all of this later today. For now I have increased the number of allowed login attempts to 15.

Should I add a tooltip to the top menu?

Your username is coyotecraft.

The preloader really needs to go but I'm not sure what to do about it.

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  Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:49 pm
User avatar

Omnipresent Merchant
Some of you might know I've been working on an expansion to Afar called Ahandru's Armoury. I've decided that it would be better to implement it in small steps, to raise interest and whatnot, than to leave it as one huge lump with too much for people to do. I have added what I've made so far, will work on an announcement, and will continue working on it with regular updates. They'll still come under the Ahandru's Armoury expansion because dicks.


Currently implemented updates:

Weapons, enemies, etc

- Five new enemies added to the game and to random encounter tables
- Weapon sprites added for every weapon in the game (about 50)
- Head sprites added for every head, roughly an extra 50


- The four Damascar maps have been redrawn
- Twenty new interior maps have been added to the Eastern Desert
- Several new temporary maps in the area
- Pyramid location added for an under production quest

Other Locations

- Straupuft significantly expanded to three maps
- Dark Knight's Outpost, Farmhouse, added
- New entrance the other end of the Earth Caves

Temporary Maps

To be filled with content soon:
- 15 added to create the Darker Forest
- 20 added to expand distances in the Marsh, Woods, and Farm
- 6 creating the Northern Steppe
- 5 creating a northern fields area
- 2 added to the dark forest
- 4 creating the "mountain"

Lumberjack Skill

The lumberjack skill has now been fully implemented, but levels have yet to be decided on:

- 8 varieties of tree now give different types of wood
- Trees now have level requirements to cut them (currently low - 1 to 8)
- Trees give different exp based on their level
- New mechanics for map objects that you can't touch yet (displays message) which works with a variety of conditions, such as quest switches or levels
- Small trees are now cuttable (and required to progress to cut larger trees)

New Quests...

Two are in progress, not yet finished. A large amount are planned out however and will be implemented as and when they are completed.

A wide range of other updates are in progress.

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  Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:06 pm
Ṱ̻̘o҉̸̴̮̬͉o̹̬̰ M̠͍͍͡a̧̺ǹ͍̝y̢̞̮̯ C̳͚͇̻̬͝o̴̡̲̼͕ͅo̶̢̧̠̫̹̳̬̣̭k̶̻̫̯s̴̰͖̭̟̱̯̀͜
User avatar

Generic Townsperson
yay I like updates

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  Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:26 pm
User avatar

Omnipresent Merchant

Tiben Central

The central map of Tiben Town has been expanded, it now contains a Bounty Points store and Community Points store, and has been rearranged to look busier.


Image Image

New Weapons

And other items. Three new bows.


Insani wood + knife = bow piece

Bow piece + string = insani bow (unenchanted), a more powerful bow

Insani bow + toxicity scroll = poison bow (chance of poisoning enemy)

Insani bow + fire scroll = burning bow (chance of burning the enemy)

Also had to add a fire scroll item (unusable) because fireball is given to the player by default.

Image Image Image Image Image

There are now 275 items in the game.

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  Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:40 pm
User avatar

Omnipresent Merchant
I'm going to be using graphics by The Inquisitor for Afar, on top of what's there at the moment. Currently I've remade the World Map. Reckon this is an improvement?





Also everything now lines up properly, so clicking Fort won't accidentally take you to the Fayre.

This map will finally be expanded soon, mostly towards the West.

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  Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:51 pm
User avatar

Omnipresent Merchant
I don't know if anyone actually saw it before, but I've remade the login screen. Way less info thrown in your face and hopefully looks less cluttered. I moved the loading bar to be part of the logo, and removed the skip loading button - to skip loading you can just login before it loads or press stop in your browser.


New Quest

Barcrawl quest released alongside eight new shops including a redone Faygrin's Fayre with better goods. The quest is actually going to get a boss fight once I code some things but currently it's just a typical errand runner.


New inventory scene:


New settings landing page:


New item crafting scene:



Everything's been compressed properly so the files have gone down significantly. Loading should be quicker all around.


You can now use the spade item on maps, particularly the desert and coast maps where you can dig sand. It'll do other stuff soon, as will various other items now usable from the map screen.

Other Stuff

A range of new items added and new crafting combinations.

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  Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:46 pm
User avatar

Omnipresent Merchant
I know this *just* started to pick up again, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to take a bit of a haitus, while my new laptop is on order. At the moment I'm on a tiny backup netbook that doesn't have any of the software I was using. Any updates for the next week or two will be small things I can do simply over the net, sorry guys. I will try and pick it back up afterwards though when I have my new PC, and you have my sincerest apologies.

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  Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:37 pm
User avatar

L1 Slime

Location: Z'voort, Holland
So, how is this going? Remembered when I was one of the first users (first 30), and it was in full Dev.
Logged in recently, and was quite surprised. Nice work Whyatt.

Fun fact, I'm one of the richest people in the game (loose gold) yet still Lvl. 1 and at base stats... :box:
Also, aren't there items in my inventory that aren't used anymore?

Anywhoo, I'm looking into getting back into the game. Just wont need a restart, cause I'm still base level xD


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  Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:11 am
User avatar

Omnipresent Merchant
I'm working on other projects as nobody really plays afar. Those that did wanted things from it that I'd never be able to provide; I think I need to stop coming back to it as it's always disappointing the things I add.

The game will stay online though, hosting isn't *too* expensive and I use it for other things.

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