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  Sat Dec 13, 2014 5:03 pm
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L1 Slime
the game has a nice style

Check out my experimental JRPG: URBAN FANTASY


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  Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:02 pm
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Well thank you, still a lot of work to be done, and the date I was hoping to release it may have to be postponed, or the release will just have to be expanded on and finished up on 01/02/2015.

For what it's worth, only optional content remains, In fact even of that I'm nearly up to Tier 7, have only one boss left of Tier 6 and tier 5 is done. Then its 8 bosses of Tier 7, (really, it's 4 with 4 bosses in one battle and two in another), then 16 bosses of Tier 8. then only the four bosses of Tier Nine and Zardari's hardmode remains. I might do up to just into Tier 8 then let players return to fight Zardari, due to the way that will be a good cut off point I can add the remaining Corporation XVI bosses and all of Tier 9 as well as Zardari's hardmode in with a large (totally free as always) patch.

To keep you fellas posted, here's some screens from what I've been working on...

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  Wed Dec 24, 2014 5:56 pm
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Competent Minion

Location: Straya Land Carnt.
Release is happen! Check first Post.

Also, a let's play by my friend Icefire82g.

Finally, the best advice I can give.
You see vassaly, when tooltips is of gones,
and fire automatik vorkload
lag is of remove, everywhere!

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  Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:43 am
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Competent Minion

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With 51 songs and five bonus tracks at the price of a single dollar rather than the several more dollars its worth, this is an ideal way of showing your support, all the money will go to the composer for the game, not me! So if you wanted to praise MoneyMenace for his brilliant work this is one such way to do it.

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  Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:03 am
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Competent Minion

Location: Straya Land Carnt.
A huge patch is being worked on for Menagerie: Remastered. The changelog following highlights some of the incredible new features in this build.

Menagerie: Into the Mamix Edition
-After many requests, the game now supports speed-runs.
-The surreal planar vortex known to some as The Mamix is beginning to spawn rifts around the Universe, entering these rifts could have unspoken consequences, from save deletion to an optional hell level that will give you a Platinum trophy for completing.
-The Equation Unsolved and the "Time Ever After" optional content tiers have been scrapped in favour of Mixtape Monsoon and World that never was.
-Corporation XVI are now their true selves, and go by organization XIII. Member XIV was fired, again. Member XV left, and Member XVI is now a secret boss known only as Lord Spanish.
-Zardari's final boss fight should now drag on for an extended period of time, likely two and a half hours for phase one.
-The optional boss Esperia, now gives you an optional choice to pay 3 dollars for some pornographic DLC, starring herself and a character of the players choice going on adventures of sexual conquest.
-In the wake of the Mamix, several other optional bosses have appeared. Sepoohroth, DJ Wyldstyle, Fifty Sluts, Mangaka Calibron, Voice of Kek and Manrkrik's wife among them.
-Sleeping Dogs make a cameo appearance for no adequately explored reason.
-Jhonen Vasquez has replaced all the art with his own contributions.
-Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw now does the narration.
-Morgan Freeman is the voice of Fatty Mclarge.
-Gilbert Gottfried now voices Zardari.
-Spooky is now voiced by Jon Demaggio
-Fyori is voiced by Lizzy McGuire.
-Finally, Gerald is no longer a playable character. He has been replaced by none other than Ben Stiller himself.
-Whenever the player gets a game over, Gilbert Gottfried does a huge spiel about how they are bad at the game.
-You can now post your record boss times to Facebook.
-All of Corporation XVI (or Organization XIII) will be voiced by Tom Cruise.
-A lot of items have been added to the virtual shop.
-To celebrate Menagerie being greenlit, Menagerie: Remastered will be going up on greenlight about the time of this patch release.
-The Fusion system has been replaced with a real money shop where you can pay real money to get better gear.
-Menagerie: Remastered will become an eSport in time for PAXAUS this year.
-Fatty no longer takes damage.
-Spooky has had his base HP reduced to 1.
-Fyori can now use trilogy or a variation called 'OH FUCK THIS' that is like trilogy but shoots 100 times or until all enemies on screen are dead.
-The Frostlord Maw, can no longer be summoned.
-Several new confusing states have been added!
-The games genuinely funny humor has been replaced with yo mum jokes.
-The end boss is no longer Zardari, shortly after his destruction, Tony Abbott and Barack Obama come in for the assist.
-Zardari has been renamed to George Bush. (Their kill count is similar!)
-Everything is now weak to fire.
-Everything is immune to shadow.
-Magic attacks now give the target lots of imaginative ideas.
-Wet Blanket now summons a blankie that is sodding wet.
-The Brick, sick of people standing in his sunlight, has opted to move two tiles north.
-The Necropolis has sunlight, now.
-Harvesting all the resources in an area now applies an eerie cosmetic effect and asks if you like hurting people.
-Stealing Mr. Goo's stash and then killing him for trying to stop you now forces Fyori upon realization of what a horrible monster she is to commit suicide.
-There is a secret level that can be entered by using fusion to combine Zeirt's Leg and the Codex: "Crafting for the Exceptionally Haughty".
-The PORT4LS now spawn in excess around Nadine and other planets as the game progresses, if the player doesn't clear Nadine by 3 hours and 14 minutes into the game the monumental Pi Day event begins, this event is what some may call a game changer, and will have you rush to build the spacecraft to escape their universe, in order to preserve ours.
-A new 4 minutes 10 seconds long cinematic will play when reaching outer space, showing all the different worlds you have access to, and will be synced to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MdltybiL00
-Players can now donate 420 Cowbells to the Church of Cannabis on Planet Indiana.
-Fyori's dress is now white and gold.
-The first four Goo battles have been replaced by Llamas.
-Johnny0798 is now an optional boss who when defeated goes and plays The Best Birthday Game Ever.
-A new NPC known as Princess Amy will now sell issue #12 of Advanced RPGmaker magazine which we blatantly star in.
-Every step you take is added as a profile view on Desura.
-Each time you save the game I win an entirely unrelated but still awesome award.
-Gilbert Gottfried also voices several side characters.
-Morgan Freeman will Narrate the story instead of Yahtzee if you visit the CCC offices and talk to Vitruvius before creating a save file.
-The ending cinematic theme has been replaced with Setting Sail, coming home~.
-The intro cinematic now has several obscene figments from Boku No Pico for no adequately explained reason.
-Tumblo is a new in-game faction, who are trying to take back their planet "Sheck Privrige" from the 4th Dimensional Phantoms.
-Chucklefish also cameo in the game as a group of bandits who take resources made anywhere in their domain and claim the rights to said resources. Trying to fight against this can result in being banished from the Chucklefish dorms, Tiy needlessly insulting you on Planet Redstar in the time they aren't spending eating Galvana cakes and not working on Binding stars.

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    rey meustrus
  Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:46 pm
Master of Dark Magic
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A little late for April Fool's?


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  Sun Apr 19, 2015 9:53 pm
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Competent Minion

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A little yeah, like so I'm a little late to respond.

But yes, that was a joke.

Like I had some radical ideas for April fools and these Patch Notes were prepared in advance but...

Come the actual day and beyond I felt under the weather and didn't do much at all.

I knew I'd have no hope of outdoing 3/14 anyway.

I'm hoping to make a grand push for Dev and all starting may, which is when some key things happen.
- Most of my employee's get done with finals and break commences.
- By then it's likely I'll have confirmed my own Academic deadline, and can work to do something before it's closure.
- A month is actually a lot of time for dev when I'm into it, procrastination is the only reason things take time at all.
- Depending on my Academic Entry and the deadlines, I may or may not be entering the IGMC which is happening again, assumed to start and end in June. (Going by last years)

To compensate for the lack of nothing in lieu of a joke, here is quite a something.
Some really awesome changes are coming, I'll list probably the biggest first.

State Rebate:
There is certainly one thing I've noticed when other people have played this game, and that is that states are very hard to cipher sometimes, and some are way too powerful to be used by players, and are cheap feeling when used by bosses, so states are undergoing a large, but save friendly revamp!

  • Each state now has a short name, followed with a brief explanation of what it does (in brackets).
  • Several states which force loss of control have been removed, such as villain, berserk and confusion, stun remains as it's very handy against some bosses, such as the Dislocated Legends. The reason for this is that loss of control isn't fun, and there are less artificial ways to make bosses challenging.
  • New awesome states are being added, such as Armor Break, Magic Break, and Elemental damage over time effects.
  • The abilities Purify and Optimism are being rolled into Purify, the same goes for Erasure and Pessimism.
  • Fatty will no longer gain a health benefit when morphing into bear form, in exchange he cannot be stunned or lose control in any form sans exceptions such as Temptress' Bite.
  • Elemental attacks will now inflict a corresponding damage over time effect. It's only 1% bu on some bosses this is priceless.

Here's the second huge change.
Zardari's Final straw, how long does this shit even have to be also macguffins plzno
I got some very legitimate advice about the final battle with Zardari, so I'm going to be correcting a lot that I went wrong with.

  • Zardari will still have 12 Million HP.
  • He will now cast bigger spells based on the HP that remains. 80% Wide Slash, 60% Galactic Strike, 40% Titan Strike, 20% The Cyan Reaches.
  • The Demigods will no longer interfere, it's all up to the player now.
  • Alike all bosses, Zardari isn't immune to elemental damage over time effects.
  • A new music track will play throughout the entire fight, rather than having it switch up.
  • Zardari will still use power surge, but dependant on the health that remains rather than by turn. he'll reach 4 stacks by 10%, and each 20% prior he'll apply a single stack. (90%, 70% 50%, and so on.)
  • Zardari has lots of nasty new tricks to keep you on your toes, such as an attack which inflicts curse. Giving himself extra turns (which can be dispelled), buffing himself to reflect magic, or entirely avoid melee attacks, etc.)
  • Throughout the fight, the characters and Zardari will interact, by 40% health Zardari starts showing he's impressed.
  • By 5%, Zardari goes berserk, with 8 stacks of power surge, it's now vital to kill him as fast as possible.
  • Some mechanics are still being worked out.

Other Changes

  • Fatty's Pessimism ability will be replaced with an ability that inflicts curse on an opponent.
  • Fatty's Optimism will be replaced with an ability that restores 25% EP to the party at the cost of some of his health.
  • Abilities will now clarify their modifier.
  • Turtle is now called Defense
  • Shield is now called Spirit
  • Reflex changed to Agility.
  • All instances of MP will be changed to EP.
  • The Insanity debuff from using gatekeeper will now be dispelled on death and after battle.

That's about all for now, I'll try my best to keep you fellas posted on big changes!

That said, it's hard to remember everywhere I have this posted, if you want a more stable and reliable update feed, following me on twitter might be the best method.

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  Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:27 am
Riding High above the world, ascended and pure.
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Competent Minion

Location: Straya Land Carnt.
Patch 1.1 up and running, could have done it loads earlier but I've been focusing on other projects, pretty much all of the changes mentioned in the above post have been implemented. Finally-- I also updated some of the graphics that are out of date post Intelligence's grand finale release. Saves will be compatible.

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